Switch Axe

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Use the mobility and attack power of the Axe, and when you see a chance, switch to the powerful Sword. While in Sword Mode, aim to unleash a powerful Element Discharge.

Weapon Type Melee
Damage Type Cut Damage
Upgrades ??

Switch Axe (スラッシュアックス) is a weapon category in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Like all Weapons, it features a unique moveset and an upgrade path that branches out depending on the materials used. Please see Weapon Mechanics for details on the basics of your hunter tools.


Switch Axe Weapon Tree

For full details, please see Switch Axe Weapon Tree



Switch Axe Traits & Abilities

  • A complex weapon with two forms and a phial system.
  • Axe mode has good reach and mobility
  • Sword mode has extra damage and uses the phial's bonus.
  • Phials can add damage, elemental damage, or even drain the monster's stamina


Switch Axe Guide

The Switch Axe is a complicated weapon that is extremely powerful in the hands of a master. It has two forms, axe mode and sword mode, and a phial system that adds additional effects to sword mode. Axe form has excellent reach and good mobility. It is also capable of a rapid chain attack that depletes stamina. Axe mode attacks can be combo-ed into sword mode. Sword mode has rapid attacks with the added bonus of the phial. Sword form is capable of an Elemental Discharge attack, where the hunter thrusts the sword forward, builds up rapid hitting power, and then unleashes it in a massive explosion. Being in sword form drains the phial gauge, and the Elemental Discharge takes a chunk out of it. The gauge will recover naturally in axe form, but if it gets too low it will have to be reloaded before sword form can be used again. The type of phial determines what bonus is gained whenever the switch axe is in sword form. Phials can give bonus attack, elemental attack, status effects, or even drain a monster's stamina.



Switch Axe Advantages

  • Long combos which are relatively easy to chain and allow for switching mid-way
  • Combos grant momentum or "poise" to hunters, making them harder to interrupt
  • Phials can be used to add bonus effects to a weapon


Switch Axe Disadvantages

  • No Guarding
  • Limited mobility when using the axe
  • Fast sharpness deterioration


Switch Axe Controls

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