Affinity Booster +

Places a smoker that increases affinity.

Effect Duration 60
Recharge Time 180

Affinity Booster + is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World.


How to Get Affinity Booster +



Affinity Booster + Notes

  • Much like the Health and Cleanser Boosters, using the Affinity Booster + places a temporary cloud of red smoke on the ground which can be used by allies.
  • Entering the cloud gives you a 50% affinity buff, adding your current affinity up to a maximum of 100%.
  • While the cloud lasts 60 seconds, the buff itself lasts 20 seconds. You can re-enter the cloud (or stay inside) to refresh the buff.
  • The 20 seconds buff persists for the full duration after the cloud disappears, meaning you can benefit from its effect for up to 80 seconds.
  • This upgraded version of the Affinity Booster has a much larger effect radius than its lesser version.






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