Alatreon Commandment

Rarity 12
mhw-defense --
mhw-decoration  gem_level_2 gem_level_2
 Attack Power 336
 Affinity 0%
 Element Damage mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 600
mhw-elderseal Low
Coatings mhw-close-range-iconmhw-power-iconmhw-paralysis-iconmhw-sleep-iconmhw-blast-icon

Alatreon Commandment is a Master Rank Bow Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Alatreon Commandment Information



Alatreon Commandment Crafting and Upgrades

Alatreon Commandment has

2 different upgrade levels. It follows the independent path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Power Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense
Alatreon Bow 11 300 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 450 gem_level_2 --
Craft with: Alatreon Mantle x3, Skyswayer x1, Alatreon Riptalon x 3, Large Elder Dragon Gem x1
Alatreon Commandment 12 336 0% mhw-dragon-damage Dragon 600 gem_level_2gem_level_2 --
Craft with:  Alatreon Direwing x1, Skyswayer x2, Alatreon Riptalon x2, Azure Dragonsphire x1



Alatreon Commandment Upgrade Tree

Alatreon Commandment is part of an upgrade path for the Bow Weapon Tree.  Below is an excerpt of the relevant independent tree.



Accursed Arc  ♦  Acidic Arrow I  ♦  Acidic Arrow II  ♦  Alatreon Bow  ♦  Alluring Evelia  ♦  Aloy's Adept War Bow  ♦  Alqaws al-Nasr I  ♦  Alqaws al-Nasr II  ♦  Anjanath Flamebow I  ♦  Anjanath Flamebow II  ♦  Archbeast Paragon  ♦  Azure Era Soaring Dragon +  ♦  Azure Mightbow  ♦  Beast Thunderbow  ♦  Beastking Thunderbow  ♦  Black Planula  ♦  Brimstren Drakesight  ♦  Cera Coilbender +  ♦  Cera Cyclord  ♦  Daora's Toxotes  ♦  Datura Squall I  ♦  Datura Squall II  ♦  Dawning Insight  ♦  Deathbow Vaal Velos  ♦  Defender Powerbow I  ♦  Defender Powerbow II  ♦  Defender Powerbow III  ♦  Defender Powerbow IV  ♦  Defender Powerbow V  ♦  Despot's Earlybolt  ♦  Dios Flier  ♦  Dragon Perforator I  ♦  Dragon Perforator II  ♦  Dragon Perforator III  ♦  Dragonseal Aldbow I  ♦  Dragonseal Aldbow II  ♦  Edelescha  ♦  Fate's Thread  ♦  Felbow Crimson Hail  ♦  Felbow Crimson Hail +  ♦  Felbow Crimson Storm  ♦  Flying Kadachi Strikebow +  ♦  Fulguring Bow I  ♦  Fulguring Bow II  ♦  Gigacles +  ♦  Gigantomachy  ♦  Glavenus Arrow I  ♦  Glavenus Arrow II  ♦  Guild Palace Arc  ♦  Hidden Bow  ♦  Hidden Bow +  ♦  Hoarcry Snowfletcher  ♦  Hunter's Bravebow I  ♦  Hunter's Bravebow II  ♦  Hunter's Bravebow III  ♦  Hydra Planula  ♦  Iceflinger  ♦  Icicle Blizzard I  ♦  Icicle Blizzard II  ♦  Laguna Shot I  ♦  Laguna Shot II  ♦  Legia Snowfletcher +  ♦  Lightbreak Bow  ♦  Lunatic Arrow  ♦  Mammoth Greatbow I  ♦  Mammoth Greatbow II  ♦  Mist Glacia  ♦  Neo Hunter Bow  ♦  Night Flight  ♦  Nightmare String I  ♦  Nightmare String II  ♦  Princess Arrow IV  ♦  Rathslinger IV  ♦  Rex Bow I  ♦  Rex Bow II  ♦  Rosen Arrow  ♦  Royal North Wing  ♦  Ruinous Doom  ♦  Safi's Aquabow  ♦  Safi's Boltbow  ♦  Safi's Drakbow  ♦  Safi's Frostbow  ♦  Safi's Hellbow  ♦  Safi's Shatterbow  ♦  Silver Wrathbow  ♦  Soulfire Arch Blaze  ♦  Soulfire Arch Ruin  ♦  Soulfire Arch Styx  ♦  Stygian Patientia  ♦  Thundering Strikebow  ♦  Tsali Flier  ♦  Usurper's Rumble  ♦  Usurper's Rumble +  ♦  Water Shot IV  ♦  Xeno Metora +


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    • Anonymous

      A contender for best bow in the game. Its only drawback is that it's missing Crit Element, which usually comes default on Kjarr bows (and why they're treated as best-in-game). If it weren't for that, it's got the highest base elemental damage, accepts every ammo type except poison, and Dragon damage happens to be relevant against some of the game's toughest cookies, namely Fatalis, Safi, and Alatreon.

      However, the lack of crit element means there's a major choice to make. You can wear 2-piece Velkhana to regain crit element, and then Safi 3-piece to gain that sweet elemental damage set bonus, or Alatreon 3 piece to max out raw elemental damage while having really high resist. You can give up on crit completely and just wear full Fatalis armor, freeing up deco slots that would have gone towards crit while also enjoying the benefits of True Spare Shot. Or you can also decide to give up on the Alatreon Commandment and use the Fatalis Bow of Vice and Violence, which scales more off Raw damage and so doesn't need Crit Element to be able to make use of crit.

      Overall, the Commandment is a fantastic bow. If you don't feel like figuring out how to get Crit Element on you, you don't have to -- it's still astounding elemental damage either way.

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