Aloy's War Bow

Rarity 6
mhw-defense -
mhw-decoration gem_level_3
 Attack Power 192
 Affinity 30%
 Element Damage (Thunder 240)
Coatings Close Range  Paralysis Poison  

Aloy's War Bow is a Bow Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Aloy's War Bow Information

  • Weapon from the Anjanath Monster
  • Styled with the Aloy Alpha Armor Set
  • These bow is exclusive to Playstation 4, for a Horizon Zero Dawn event (The Proving)
  • This weapon requires Free Elem/Ammo Up to unlock its elemental effects.
  • This weapon has 1 gem_level_3 slot, and grants 30% affinity
  • Close Range, Paralysis and Poison coating are available



Aloy's War Bow Crafting and Upgrades

Aloy's War Bow has 3 different upgrade levels. It follows the

Aloy path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Power Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense
Aloy's Bow 5 168 20% (Thunder 180) gem_level_2 -
Craft with: Nora Brave Trophy x2, Anjanath Fang + x3, Monster Keenbone x5, Anjanath Plate x1, 16,000 x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki
Aloy's War Bow 6 192 30% (Thunder 240) gem_level_3 -
Craft with: Nora Brave Trophy x3, Anjanath Scale + x7, Elder Bone x3, Wyvern Gem x1, ??x zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki

Aloy's Adept War Bow

12 300 30% 270Thunder decoration_level_4_mhw_wiki --
Craft with:  Daemon Ticket x2, Deviljho Shard x6, Vile Fang x2, Deviljho Ripper x3, 80,000 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki



Aloy's War Bow Upgrade Tree

Aloy's War Bow is part of an upgrade path for the Bow Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Aloy tree.

Bow Independent Tree




Alloy Bow I  ♦  Aloy's Bow  ♦  Anja Arch I  ♦  Aqua Arrow I  ♦  Archbeast Paragon  ♦  Archer's Dance I  ♦  Blacksteel Bow I  ♦  Blazing Bow I  ♦  Blazing Bow II  ♦  Blazing Bow III  ♦  Blooming Arch I  ♦  Blooming Arch II  ♦  Blooming Arch III  ♦  Blooming Bow I  ♦  Blooming Bow II  ♦  Blooming Bow III  ♦  Cross Hunter's Bow  ♦  Datura String I  ♦  Decay Blast Piercer  ♦  Defender Powerbow I  ♦  Defender Powerbow II  ♦  Defender Powerbow III  ♦  Defender Powerbow IV  ♦  Defender Powerbow V  ♦  Diablos Bow I  ♦  Diablos Coilbender  ♦  Dragonbone Bow I  ♦  Dragonseal Aldbow  ♦  Empress Arrow  ♦  Empress Arrow Blaze  ♦  Empress Arrow Ruin  ♦  Empress Arrow Styx  ♦  Glacial Arrow I  ♦  Gold Blast Piercer  ♦  Gold Thief Piercer  ♦  Gold Thunder Piercer  ♦  Gold Water Piercer  ♦  Guild Palace Arc  ♦  Hazak Velos I  ♦  Horn Gold Piercer  ♦  Hunter's Bow I  ♦  Hunter's Bow II  ♦  Hunter's Bow III  ♦  Hunter's Proudbow I  ♦  Hunter's Stoutbow  ♦  Hunter's Stoutbow I  ♦  Icesteel Bow  ♦  Insurgent's Bow  ♦  Iron Bow I  ♦  Iron Bow II  ♦  Iron Bow III  ♦  Kadachi Strikebow  ♦  King Gold Piercer  ♦  Kjarr Bow Blast  ♦  Kjarr Bow Decay  ♦  Kjarr Bow King  ♦  Kjarr Bow Spark  ♦  Kjarr Bow Stream  ♦  Kjarr Bow Water  ♦  Kulu Arrow I  ♦  Kulu Arrow II  ♦  Kulu Arrow III  ♦  Kulu Bow I  ♦  Kulu Bow II  ♦  Kulu Bow III  ♦  Lightbreak Bow  ♦  Mist Glacia  ♦  Nergal Whisper  ♦  Princess Arrow I  ♦  Pulsar Bow I  ♦  Pulsar Bow II  ♦  Pulsar Bow III  ♦  Queen Gold Piercer  ♦  Rage Gold Piercer  ♦  Rathslinger I  ♦  Royal North Wing  ♦  Snowfletcher  ♦  Spark Gold Piercer  ♦  Spew Gold Piercer  ♦  Steel Bow I  ♦  Taroth Arrow Blast  ♦  Taroth Arrow Fire  ♦  Taroth Arrow Horn  ♦  Taroth Arrow Queen  ♦  Taroth Arrow Rage  ♦  Taroth Arrow Spew  ♦  Taroth Arrow Thunder  ♦  Taroth Arrow Water  ♦  Villainous Brace  ♦  Water Shot I  ♦  Xeno Metora


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