Ammo Damage

One of the three primary Damage Types used when tallying damage multipliers.

Ammo Damage is a Damage Type in Monster Hunter World (MHW); it is primarily dealt by BowsLight Bowguns and Heavy Bowguns

In the same way that Blunt and Cut damage work, damage of this type will be subjected to its own multiplier based on the part of a Monster that receives it. For example, the legs of most monsters will receive less damage than the head, and the wings of flying monsters will receive much more. See the articles about individual Large Monsters for information on their parts damage multipliers.

The Ammo Damage multiplier is separate from the combo move multiplier used by individual ammo types (e.g. Normal, Pierce, Spread.) See the article on Attack Power for the multipliers used in calculating damage.

Ammo most often used to directly deal damage - Normal, Pierce, and Spread ammo, as well as Bow attacks with Power, Close Range, and no coating - do not have any unique effects such as the severing power of Cut and the KO/Exhaust buildup of Blunt. Other ammo and coating types, such as Slicing Ammo or Paralysis Coating, allow Bowgunners and Bow wielders to trigger these effects by other means.

See the article on Crafting Ammo and Coatings for a list of all Bowgun Ammo types and Bow coatings.


Ammo Damage Weapons & Combos



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