Ancient Potion

Rarity Carry Sell Buy
5 1 345 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki N/A

Ancient Potion is a consumable Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These useful Items can be crafted from materials gathered in the field and brought along on hunts.


Fully restores Health and maximizes the size of your Health and Stamina Gauges.

Ancient Potions can be consumed from the Item Bar while in the field to restore and increase Health and Stamina to their maximum capacities. The addition of max Health and Stamina is shared with concurrent Canteen and Item buffs, but stacks on top of the max Health boost granted by the Health Boost Skill.

See Botanical Research for information on cultivating large amounts of crafting materials.
See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.


How to Acquire Ancient Potion

This Item can be obtained by Crafting or by completing Arena Quests.

Crafting with Ancient Potion
Type Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 End Result
Healing/Support Immunizer Kelbi Horn Ancient Potion
Healing/Support Nourishing Extract Kelbi Horn Ancient Potion


Quests that award Ancient Potion
Name Amount Chance
Arena Quest 7 1 %
Arena Quest 8 1 %
Arena Quest 9 1 %


Notes About Recovery Items

  • Potions heal for 35 Health and take four seconds to drink
  • Mega Potions take four seconds to drink and heal 70 Health
  • Max Potions and Ancient Potions heal for the entire Health pool and take roughly one second to activate
  • Sushifish Scales heal for 50 Health and take roughly one second to activate
  • Astera Jerky will heal all recoverable (red/yellow) Health and takes roughly one second to activate.
  • The consumption time of all consumable Items can be decreased with the Speed Eating Skill
  • Effectiveness of all Health recovery Items can be increased with the Recovery Up Skill


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    • Anonymous

      The steam works will poop out more ancient potions then you'll ever need. Handy for skipping the canteen and jumping directly into battle, such as after carting. Unfortunately is incompatible with wide range.

      Not great for regular healing due to its limit:1 and the uncommon nature of Kelbi Horns and nourishing extract. But if you invest in hunting ingredients the total item crafting limit grows immensely, allowing up to 30 extra ancient potions on demand, and another 10 from crafting more immunizer.

      Max potions are much easier to craft on demand as the ingredients come directly from the ancient tree. It suffers a much lower limit of 2 + 5 potions, with another +5 from crafting extra mega nutrients.

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