Apothecary Mantle

Increases the probability of triggering status buildup when attacking with weapons that induce abnormal statuses.

Effect Duration 60
Recharge Time 210

Apothecary Mantle is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World. Apothecary Mantle increases  your chance of applying status effects.



How to Get Apothecary Mantle

  • The Apothecary Mantle is awarded after completing the research of 10 different monsters and doing the quest 8★ A Portent of Disaster.



Apothecary Mantle Notes

  • Normally, weapons that wield Abnormal Status damage have a 1 in 3 chance of causing buildup towards their Status Effect. The Apothecary Mantle boosts this trait and makes Blademaster weapons cause buildup on every strike. This does not apply to Ranged weapons, however, as they already have access to special Bowgun Ammo and Bow Coatings that have the same effect.
  • Poison and Blast buildup are reduced by 30%, Paralysis and Sleep Buildup are reduced by 50% while wearing the Apothecary Mantle. It still makes proccing a status easier since the status applies on all weapon hits instead of one third of the hits.
  • Can only be equipped for a certain amount of time. Once this time has elapsed, there is a cooldown before it can be equipped again.





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    • Anonymous

      with my blast build, in MHW (before iceborne) i could only proc Blast attacks up to 3-4 times. After Iceborne 4-6 times with a newer blast build.
      with my Pure criticals - Blasts - Augmentations and my favorite stuff i can now deal 9-12 ailment blasts. ooh the joys

      • Anonymous

        This thing sucks dix: put it on with my blast set. It "supposedly" will build blast with every hit in this case. Well I can tell you it barely produced any more blast than my base blast hits did. Also tried it on my poison set up with the same result. You're far better off with the Temporal mantle and something else monster specific and anyone who downvotes this is admitting the have a small ***** and will NEVER please a lady!

        • Anonymous

          To clarify, melee weapons have a 1 in 3 chance of applying status effect damage with their weapons normally, but this makes every attack apply it. Things like Elderseal, Stun, and Exhaust are their own damage types and aren't affected by this. This is also useless on ranged weapons as their status shots are also a 100% chance of application.

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