Appreciation Fest is a seasonal festival in Monster Hunter World (Iceborne). During the Appreciation Fest, players will enjoy discounted pricing, additional quest rewards, increased availability of Event Quests, and more.


Appreciation Fest Activities


  1. Players can obtain the Appreciation Ticket much akin to the Spring Blossom Ticket. There will be armor, palico gear, and much more which is similar to that of the Summer Blossom Festival.
  2. Daily log-in bonus will grant 2 Tickets, daily bounties for players to cash in to obtain Appreciation Fireworks and Appreciation tickets. Every Wednesday and Sunday, players can obtain a Gold Wyverian ticket at the limited bounties. Item sales and special meal platter will return.
  3. We will receive Friendly Felyne outfit for the handler and the staff in the gathering hub, as well as the Sparkling Party outfit for Poogie!
  4. Players of Monster Hunter World can enjoy some extra fun by customizing their Guild Card Backgrounds. Hunters will be receiving a new background, poses, and several titles during this event.

    Titles include:
    • Anniversary
    • One Year
    • Congrats
    • Celebrate
    • Birthday

Appreciation Fest Content


The Greatest Jagras



The Name's Lavasioth!

  • Conditions: HR 50 or higher
  • Hunt a tempered Lavasioth
  • Special Rewards: Beetle Layered Armor
  • Shinies will give low tier feystones, Warped Feystones as quest rewards









White Wind Lance Attack Power391 Affinity0% sleep-mhw-status-effect 180

(upgrading from Fair Wind Lance)




Appreciation Palico Gear



Gala Armor Set




Daily Limited Bounties

During the Appreciation Festival, the weekly bounties are now daily bounties. Heavy Armor Sphere which is worth 200 points will be coming back. Players can acquire one everyday so make sure you’re doing the bounties!


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