Assassin's Hood Mantle

assassins hood

Increases movement speed and allows you to hide quicker. Lasts until you deal damage to a monster caught unaware.

Effect Duration 360 Seconds
Recharge Time 180 Seconds

Assassin's Hood Mantle is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This mantle is acquired by completing a special Event Quest and trading the special reward item.

 Assassin's Hood Mantle is officially no longer available anymore since 3 December 2021(equipment still usable if already obtained)

How to Get Assassin's Hood Mantle

  • Complete SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce event quest to obtain Senu's Feather. Then see the smithy and armorer in Astera to obtain delivery quests
  • Obtain 2x Senu's Feather and 1000 Research Points, then go to Astera and talk to the Armory, she will give a Delivery which you must complete at the Resource Center.


Assassin's Hood Mantle Notes

  • The "Sneak Attack" on the monster deals Critical Damage: It provides 100% Affinity(guaranteed critical hit), and multiplies your total damage after Affinity by 1.5(1.1 if the attack lands on a sleeping monster).
  • Sprinting speed is improved by 21% while wearing the Assassin's Hood.
  • After patch 6.02, causes monsters to flinch from a mid-air attack while in stealth mode, instead of a knockdown.
  • Wearing Assassin's Hood causes all small and large monsters to get aggressive on sight, even when using the skill Intimidator.
  • When you obtain your Assassin's Hood Mantle, you will also unlock:

    • Titles: Origins, Assassins, Bayek, Scarab, Pharaoh, Stealth
    • Background: Scarab Mural
    • Pose: Becoming the Assassin

 ac mantle image


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    • Anonymous

      If u play on PC, there is a tricky way to get this mantle. U will need basic knowldge on modding and on Cheat Engine. I did the following: first i created (because that does not exist) a mod that just change the reward from a random delivery quest ( i selected the waterproof mantle quest) to the ID of AC Mantle. Its pretty easy, just learn a little about modding and edit the delivery.smt ( i guess that this is the name ), that is the file used to change all delivery quests. Then use the cheat table for MHW (avalible on nexusmods) to re-enable that delivery quest that u just change, so u can complete it again. Delivery the item and u got the basic version of the mantle. To upgrade it, u can still use the same cheat table to change the level ID of the item (just seach in the forum mod page how to do that ) so u can get the upgraded version of mantle, after that save the game. U can unistall the mod that u created after all of that. Sorry for any english error, I am using google translate. I hope that this help someone.

      • Anonymous

        2 days late. Now how do I get this armor? I actually don't need the armor, I just want the "Scarab Mural" (Guild card background)... Any idea?

        • Anonymous

          I love this one (on monsters not unaware)
          with shara ishvalda armor
          and the downtime is exactly the time glider mantle lasts
          saves me toolmaster

          • Anonymous

            "Use in gathering sets is not recommended." Comment below "Great mantle for gathering! The extra run speed saves tons of time." 26likes 0dislikes such a great wiki...

            • Anonymous

              It’s not letting me do the assassins quest and I have the Bayek layers armor and the assassins mantle what do I do?

              • Anonymous

                Since this mantle makes you run faster , does it also affect the running speed for Dual blades Archdemon Mode?

                • Anonymous

                  I would like to note that if you are doing this the first time and are ahead in Iceborne, you cannot get the resource center quest unless you are in Astera and not in Seliana

                  • Anonymous

                    PC player here, since we have no Icebourne and surely most of you console players already know but, There's another secret effect (first is aggro on sight despite monster's usual death glares, like Detected from Assassin's Creed style or something) where you crouch and then sprint, you get a speed boost for like 2-3 seconds but the distance is so much longer went just running full sprint. Like in gathering in older games where crouching at gathering points like bonepiles and mushrooms makes it "faster", while wearing this and sprint afterwards, as if you put Nitro on your hunter just ZOOOOOMMMM!

                    • Anonymous

                      I would like to note one hidden effect that's pretty important: All monsters will attack instantly on sight (including ones like Kulu that normally only aggro when you attack first), and on top of that, the "seen" state before combat where hostile monsters glare at you but aren't attacking you yet is totally negated. Creatures like Diablos will just spot you from 30+ meters away and start gunning for you. It's a good mantle for gathering, but be aware of that trade-off!

                      • Anonymous

                        man it's insane how much cool stuff is in this game now, I've played it on 3 characters on xbox and now I bought it on sale on PS4 and with ALL event quests currently up there's so much in the game its crazy! best game I've ever played.

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