Attack Up


Increases Attack Power.

Attack Up is a positive Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Attack Up Effect

  • Increases the hunter's Attack Power, also called Raw Damage.
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: AttackUp
  • Attack Up (S/L/XL) from Hunting Horn Melodies increases the attack by 10/15/20% of the equipped weapon's base Raw Damage, which includes Attack Augmentations and Attack Upgrades from Awakened Abilities.


How to get Attack Up Buff

The following items grant Attack Up Status:

Hunting Horn Melodie's That Give Attack Up
  • mhw-note1-iconmhw-note3-iconmhw-note3-icon Attack Up (S)
  • mhw-note3-iconmhw-note5-iconmhw-note11-icon Attack Up (S)
  • mhw-note11-iconmhw-note3-iconmhw-note5-icon Attack Up (S)
  • mhw-note5-iconmhw-note11-iconmhw-note3-icon Attack Up (S)
  • mhw-note11-iconmhw-note3-iconmhw-note2-iconmhw-note11-icon Attack Up (L)
  • mhw-note11-iconmhw-note3-iconmhw-note8-iconmhw-note11-icon Attack Up (L)
  • mhw-note12-iconmhw-note6-iconmhw-note11-iconmhw-note6-icon Attack and Defense Up (S)
  • mhw-note11-iconmhw-note6-iconmhw-note12-iconmhw-note12-icon Attack and Defense Up (S)

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