Awakened Abilities information 

Some weapons in Monster Hunter: Iceborne can have awakened abilities. At the Smithy, select Upgrade Equipment and choose and choose an awakened weapon to upgrade it. (You can have up to 5 awakened abilities on a weapon.)

Awakened abilities will manifest when you have enough potential, which can be built up by using awakened materials obtained from the Safi'jiiva Siege at the Smithy. Awaken abilities to create an even more potent weapon!


Bestowing awakened abilities

Once enough potential has built up, awakened abilities will manifest at random. Select an ability to add it to your weapon. You can add Armor Set Skills whenever you upgrade an Awakened Weapon. However, this only counts as 1 towards the whole set. Also, an Awakened Weapon can only hold one set skill at a time.

These abilities have ranks. The higher the rank, the greater its effects. This also affects unique armor set skills.


Storing Potential

Instead of selecting a manifested ability, you can choose to store potential. By storing potential, the next time enough potential is built up to manifest an ability, the odds of getting a better awakened ability Increases.


Overwriting Awakened Abilities

Awakened abilities can be overwritten with other awakened abilities.


Unstackable Awakened Abilities

Bonus skills that manifest as awakened abilities, and other special rare awakened abilities cannot be stacked.


All Awakened Abilities




Silver Rathalos Essence Unlocks setbonus: Slinger Ammo Secret (Increases the maximum level of Slinger Ammo skill to 5)
Unlocks setbonus: True Critical Element (Greatly Increases elemental damage on critical hits)
Gold Rathian Essence Unlocks setbonus: Devine Blessing Secret (Raises the maximum level of divine blessing skills)
Unlocks setbonus: True Critical Status (Greatly Increases status effect damage (paralysis, sleep, blast, poison) when landing critical hits)
Lunastra Essence Unlocks setbonus: Tool Specialist Secret (Reduces the recharge time for specialized tools)
Kushala Daora Essence Unlocks setbonus: Nullify Wind Pressure (Negates all wind pressure)
Namielle Essence Unlocks setbonus: True Element Acceleration (Continually attacking a monster activates Free Elemental/Ammo Up Lv 3 and Increases elemental damage)
Zorah Magdaros Essence Unlocks setbonus: Artillery Secret (Increases the maximum level of the Artillery skill to Lv5)
Teostra Essence Unlocks setbonus: Master's Touch (Prevents your weapon from losing sharpness during critical hits)
Zinogre Essence Unlocks setbonus: Letent Power Secret (Increases the maximum level of Letent Power skill to 7)
Deviljho Essence Unlocks setbonus: Stamina Thief Secret (Increases the maximum level of the Stamina Thief skill to 5)
Glavenus Essence Unlocks setbonus: Maximum Might Secret  (Increases the maximum level of Maximum Might skill to 5)
Bazelgeuse Essence Unlocks setbonus: Guts (Above a certain health threshold, you withstand an attack would normally cart you once per hunt)
Diablos Essence Unlocks setbonus: Slugger Secret (Increases the maximum level of Slugger skill to 5)
Rajang Essence Unlocks setbonus: Mind's Eye/Ballistics (Prevents attacks from being deflected. Also shortens the distance before ammo and arrows reach the maximum power)
Unlocks setbonus: Protective Polish (Weapon sharpness does not decrease for a time [60s] after sharpening)
Vaal Essence Unlocks setbonus: Super Recovery (Allows recovery to exceed the red portion of the health gauge)
Shara Ishvalda Essence Unlocks setbonus: True Gaia's Veil (While wearing a mantle, gain Tremor Resistance Lv3, Earplugs Lv5, max Windproof, and Flinch Free)
Rathian Essence Unlocks setbonus: Poison Duration Up (Extends the duration of your poison's effect on monsters)
Instructor's Guidance Unlocks setbonus: Capture Master  (Highly Increases chance of Increasesd capture rewards)
Uragaan Essence Unlocks setbonus: Guard Up (Allows you to guard against ordinarily unblockable)
Brachydios Essence Unlocks setbonus: Agitator Secret (Raises the maximum level of the Agitator skill to Lv7)
Barioth Essence Unlocks setbonus: Punish Draw (Adds a stun effect to draw attacks and slightly Increases attack power)
Nargacuga Essence Unlocks setbonus: True Razor Sharp/Spare Ammo (Greatly reduces sharpness loss and bows and bowguns have a chance not to expend coating or ammo)
Anjanath Essence Unlocks setbonus: Stamina Cap Up (Increases the maximum stamina cap by 50)
Velkhana Essence Unlocks setbonus: Elemental Crit (Increases elemental damage (fire, water, thunder, ice, dragon) when landing critical hits)
Unlocks setbonus: Frostcraft (An aura of frost builds when your weapon is sheathed, raising attack. Wanes each melee hit or shot fired)
Kirin Essence Unlocks setbonus: Great Luck (High chance of Increasesd quest rewards)
Tigrex Essence Unlocks setbonus: Free Meal Secret (Increases the maximum level of the Free Meal to 3 [75%])
Odogaron Essence Unlocks setbonus: Protective Polish (Weapon sharpness does not decrease for a time [60s] after sharpening)
Nergigante Essence Unlocks setbonus: Hasten Recovery (Regenerates your health as you continually attack a monster. Recovery varies by weapon)
Ancient Divinity Unlocks setbonus: Critical Status (Increases abnormal status effect damage (paralysis, poison, sleep, blast) when landing critical hits)
Commission Alchemy Unlocks setbonus: Bombardier Secret (Raises the maximum level of the Bombardier Skill to 5)
Sharpness Increases Increases sharpness.
Affinity Increases Increases affinity.
Element Up Increases elemental attack power.
Defense Increases Increases defense.
Attack Increases Increases Attack.
Kinsect Bonus (Power/Spirit) Switch Kinsect bonus to power and spirit boost.
Kinsect Bonus (Recovery) Switch Kinsect bonus to stamina upgrade and healing.
Reload Assist Speeds up reload times. Effectiveness varies with what ammo type is being used.
Normal Capacity Increases Normal type shots Capacity
Slot Upgrade  Adds jewel slots (works similar to augment)
Deviation Suppressor Lowering the deviation.
Shelling Wide Change shelling type to wide.
Shelling Long Change shelling type to long.
Shelling Normal Change shelling type to normal.
Shelling Normal II Upgrade up to normal shells level 7
Status Effect Up Increases status build up.
Exhaust Phial Swap to exhaust phial.
Status Coating Lets you apply strong poison coatings, as well as paralysis sleep coatings.
Element Phial Swap to Element Phial.
Rathalos Essence Unlocks setbonus: Mind's Eye/Ballistics (Prevents attacks from being deflected. Also shortens the distance before ammo and arrows reach the maximum power)
Impact Phial Swap to impact phial.
Elemental Melody Switches notes to Fire Res Boost, Attack Up, etc. melody effects.
Attack Melody Switches to Attack Up, Earplugs, Environmental Damage Negation, etc., melody effects.
Stamina Melody Switches notes to Stamina Use Reduction, Health Rec, Wind Pressure Negated, etc., melody effects.
Abnormal Status Melody Switches notes to Abnormal Status Attack type melody effects.
Earplug Melody Switches notes to Earplugs type melody effects.
Guild Pride Lv 2: Good chance of Increasesd quest rewards (no effect when joining mid-quest)
Lv 4:  Lets you carve one additional time (no effect when joining mid-quest)
Joyful Blessing Lv 3: Joy's Gift Increases odds of getting special holiday Joy rewards (No effects when joining mid-quest)
Lv 5: Joyful Gratitude Greatly Increases odds of getting special holiday joy rewards. (No effects when joining mid-quest)


Awakened Materials

 You can acquire dracolites from quest Safi'jiiva Siege, The Red Dragon or Point of No Return. You can also give Awakened Weapons to the Elder Melder to make Dracolites. Do this if you have a lot of Awakened Weapons stockpiled in your inventory.

    • Anonymous

      24 Mar 2020 09:02  

      I feel bad for the noob that put this together. Came here thinking I'd learn something new but what a waste of time

      • 21 Mar 2020 08:26  

        Many things about awakened abilities are not explained in the game, and I guess here we don't have much more so I will write some of my observations : - Maximum level of most abilities (eg. Sharpness, Attack, Defense) is 6, but you wont find it just as no matter how much potential you have - first you have to get the ability on level 5 and then you have to level until you get upgrade for this ability. - You can have only 1 ability on maximum level. Some abilities have diffrent maximum level (Slot Upgrade ability ends on level 4). Once you have something maxed out and you find upgrade for other ability you can upgrade it, but the first maxed out ability will lose 1 level. - Some abilities can be stacked (like Sharpness) but it follow a bit diffrent leveling procedure. First you can find it only on level 3-4 (I think 4 is possible but with my luck I was getting 3 the whole time) and then once you level up you might get the chance to upgrade it further, up to level 5. At this point I didn't have enough time to test it but from my observations you can stack only once (you can have only 2 of the same skill). - Maximum level of potential is finite ( I don't remember how big it was but it was 15 or 25) and stacking it more don't give you any more benefits. You might still be storing it if abilities you roll are not to your liking. - As GL: all Shelling abilities have level 2. I had some problems with rolling Shelling Long II normally, I had to first get it on level 1 and then I found the 2nd one. But it might be only mine bad luck as other types of shells rolled on level 2 without problems and plenty at that.

        • Anonymous

          26 Dec 2019 20:43  

          Does sharpness go above level 3? That's the highest I've seen it go so far no matter how much potential I store.

          • Anonymous

            18 Dec 2019 22:51  

            there's also shelling long and shelling normal too, shelling normal II puts it up to normal shells level 7, haven't seen a shelling normal III yet but I imagine there is one which would be 6 stars

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