banbaro large monster icerborne mhw wiki guide
Enemy Type Large Monsters
Species Brute Wyverns
Elements mhw ice damage sIce
Ailments iceblight status effect mhwIceblight
(in Hoarfrost Reach)

fireblight status effect mhw sFireblight
(on lava terrain)

waterblight status effect mhw sWaterblight
(on water terrain)
Weakness mhw dragon damage sDragon ⭐⭐⭐
mhw fire damage sFire ⭐⭐
Resistances mhw ice damageIce (immune)
mhw water elemental damageWater (immune)
mhw thunder damageThunder ⭐

All biomes

Tempered Threat Lv. 1

Banbaro is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW)バフバロ (Bafubaro) in Japanese. It was added with the Iceborne Expansion on Sept 6th 2019. Banbaro is characterized by its massive horns resembling a running brick wall. It exhibits a charging behavior, driving its formidable horns into the ground and, at times, carrying entire trees along its path. Found across all biomes, Banbaro becomes the focus of various quests, including Banbaro Blockade, Trapping The Tree Trasher, and Special Arena: MR Banbaro.


A monster with two giant horns, like a running brick wall.
It charges at threats while digging its massive horns in the ground, sometimes picking up entire trees along the way."

Banbaro Details & Locations in MH World


Monster Hunter World Banbaro Combat Info

Banbaro is a Brute Wyvern introduced with the Iceborne expansion. Featuring large antlers and a thick coat to withstand the cold, this monster hurls boulders and trees at approaching hunters as it rampages through the landscape..

  • Kinsect Extracts
    • Red: Head
    • Orange: Tail
    • White: Forearms/Hindlegs
    • Green: Body
  • Enraged mode: Nose horn flips up
  • Throws boulders or trees at hunters, depending on the environment. Also has a long-reaching charge attack with a giant tree
  • Boulders inflict different ailments, depending on the terrain they were scooped from.
  • Banbaro is most dangerous when you don't see it coming, most likely while fighting another Monster. If Banbaro is on the map, try to stay aware of it's location.
  • Banbaro's tree-enhanced charge can be dodged by a normal roll, but the timing is very tight so a Superman-Dive is advised.


MHW Banbaro Combat Tips

  • Banbaro is a strong opponent in the frosty terrain. Prepare for the battle by ensuring your armor provides solid defense against physical attacks and icy assaults. Use fire or thunder weapons to maximize damage and take advantage of Banbaro's weaknesses.
  • Banbaro, being an ice-type creature, tends to inflict ice blight with its attacks. Arm yourself with Nulberries to quickly shake off this chilling effect. Additionally, consider weapons or items that bring the sting of poison, sleep, paralysis, or, particularly effective against Banbaro, stun.
  • Before stepping into the fray, make a pitstop at the canteen to bolster your attack and defense. Mega Demondrugs and Mega Armorskins will further enhance your combat prowess. Stock up on essentials like Mega Potions, regular Potions, and Honey to craft more healing.
  • During the battle, focus on Banbaro's head and aim to break its formidable horns, hindering its devastating environmental attacks. Watch for its patterns, especially the ice boulders and tree-slamming maneuvers, and adapt your movements accordingly. When Banbaro is dazed or weakened, seize the opportunity to set traps or deploy bomb barrels.
  • Stay nimble in combat, dodging its charging and sweeping attacks. Use the clutch claw strategically when attacking from the side, and be ready to mount Banbaro when the chance arises, capitalizing on its vulnerability.
  • In the final stages, when Banbaro is weakened, consider setting traps for a potential capture. Exercise patience and persistence throughout the battle, adapting your strategy based on Banbaro's movements and attacks.

Banbaro MH World Combat Tips

Fighting the Banbaro would often result in players fainting or getting carted back to camp, this usually happens when you are unprepared for a fight against an icy and raging monster like Banbaro. To avoid this, players need to take note of a few things. From the basics, we can start with the type of Weapon you are using and figuring out the weakness of the Banbaro. The head is the weakest point across all 3 types of damage: Cut, Blunt, and Ammo.

All kinds of weapons are useful against the Banbaro but the most important thing is the element attached to your preferred weapon. It is best to use a weapon with Blast and Stun Ailments when hunting the Banbaro while concentrating all damage to the Head, which will may also cause its horns to be broken when using a Blunt weapon. Breaking its horns will not only limit its attack patterns but also deal massive damage to the Banbaro. If you're having a hard time reaching for the Head, you can attack the Legs instead.

When up against the Banbaro, this monster will take advantage of its giant horns and will charge at hostiles at a rapid speed. It will try to slam and run towards trees which sometimes causes trees to get stuck in its horns. The Banbaro also grabs boulders to throw at Hunters which causes players to get knocked over. They can move swiftly while doing sweeping attacks with their claws and use their horns to shove Hunters off balance.

You can beat Banbaro by staying nimble in combat. Don't stay in the same spot for a period, and move under its legs if it's stationary. Use the Clutch Claw to outmaneuver its movements and always aim for the head and horn if using a Blunt weapon. The Clutch Claw is a handy tool that will let you attack the monster from its sides while consciously dodging its attacks. If you manage to apply daze to the Banbaro, stay alert to capitalize on its moment of vulnerability. Apply as much damage as you can while the monster is immobile by focusing on the Legs and Head. If the Banbaro starts charging, just let it be and don't get in its way. Try not to get yourself cornered because this is almost like a death sentence when facing the Banbaro. When it charges towards you, it leaves you with little or no room to escape but you can always rely on Emergency Dive, commonly known as the "superman dive" when hunting.

For Armor, you can wear anything that provides Ice Resistance like the Beo Alpha + Armor Set which provides a considerable Ice Resistance. For Decorations, you can equip Jewels with Ice Resistance, Evasion, Vitality, or any Defensive Jewels that can help keep you alive in combat.

During the final moments, when the Banbaro appears weakened and limping, you can plant traps or consider capturing it with a Tranq Bomb. This will cut the fight short and will allow you to finish the hunt without killing the monster. Not to mention that capturing will give more rewards and is often better than killing a monster. Capturing a monster in Monster Hunter World is equal to 5 carves compared to the 3 carves that you can do while hunting.

When you're not specifically hunting the Banbaro, this monster is easily one of the most commonly encountered in the game because of its invasive behavior. Banbaro shows up often in different locales which results in Hunter deaths that will disrupt hunts. Usually, a Dung Pod will do the trick to keep them off the fight, and they will flee the zone. A Dung Pod can be acquired while gathering out in the field from Dungs. This is a Material usually dropped by Large Monsters in their respective biomes. 


Banbaro Weaknesses

Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each ailment

Ailment mhw poison status effect s sleep mhw status effect wiki paralysis icon Blastblight stun icon
Weakness Level


Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each damage type

Weak Point great sword mhw smalls hammer mhw smalls normal ammo mhw wiki
Horns (Breakable)
Head ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Tail (Severable)


Detailed weakness information(Legend Explanation: here)

banbaro hzv 460px min

Credits to AsteriskAmpersand, Deathcream and MoonBunnie.


Banbaro Carves

Defeating this monster allows the player to carve the following items:

Banbaro Carves (All Master Rank)

Carves %
banbaro cortex mhw wiki guideBanbaro Cortex (Tail Carved/Dropped) 36% (20% / 50%)
banbaro chine mhw wiki guideBanbaro Chine (Dropped) 28% (28%)
banbaro great horn mhw wiki guideBanbaro Great Horn 15%
banbaro lash mhw wiki guideBanbaro Lash (Tail Carved) 19% (77%)
large wyvern gem mhw wiki guideLarge Wyvern Gem (Tail Carved) 2% (3%)


Banbaro Hunt Rewards

Rewards %
banbaro chine mhw wiki guideBanbaro Chine (Break Forelimbs) 30% (100%)
banbaro cortex mhw wiki guideBanbaro Cortex 23%
banbaro lash mhw wiki guideBanbaro Lash 16%
banbaro great horn mhw wiki guideBanbaro Great Horn (Break Horn) 11% (100%)
item dash extractDash Extract x3 18%
large wyvern gem mhw wiki guideLarge Wyvern Gem 2%
fierce dragonvein bone mhw wiki guide smallFierce Dragonvein Bone(Guiding Lands) 37%
spiritvein slogbone mhw wiki guide smallSpiritvein Slogbone(Tempered in Guiding Lands) 25%
ancient great horn mhw wiki guide smallAncient Great Horn(Guiding Lands) 63%
tempered great horn small mhw wiki guideTempered Great Horn(Tempered in Guiding Lands) 54%
spiritvein gem shard mhw wiki guide smallSpiritvein Gem Shard(Tempered in Guiding Lands) 21%

Banbaro Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Banbaro Monster.




Notes & Trivia

  • It is known as the "Ferocious Bull Wyvern."




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    • Anonymous

      Why the hell is he an invader and not bazel. I don’t dislike banbaro but he should be horafrost and maybe the forest that’s it

      • Anonymous

        Banbaro is a decent monster who should have been like tigrex and spawned in every region instead of taking up one of the invader slots. I don't need the second monster you fight in iceborne appearing in every single area of my expeditions.

        Swap out banbaro with seething bazelguese, problem fixed.

        • Anonymous

          I know peaple don’t need tips for this guys but I thought I would share them anyway. So I used the Defender dual blades(Yes I’m a noob) and I used full Beo armor. I don’t even remember what I used for my cat. Now let’s get to what I did(it’s very simple)
          So I put in Temporal mantle and Clutch clawed on to his head and started softening it. Then I used the thorn pod and shot it on to his head. I clutch clawed onto his face again and he was stunned . I pretty much kept doing this until I won. I hoped this helped!! Bonne journée and happy hunting!!


          • Anonymous

            It's an ok monster depending on what weapon you main it could be easy like first time facing a great jagra or hard like facing a devil jho. I main two weapons LS and lance and for the story quest I had LS equipped and gosh he beat the heck out of me. Then I really liked the viking looking alpha+ armor so I completed investigations with my nergal impaler and like I said it was easy as heck to deal with.

            • Anonymous

              Out of all the monsters you can pick as the invaders,you choose a Banbaro......which roam in hoarfrost roam in elder recess.....

              • Anonymous

                Just slayed a Banbaro of a size 3006.05 and figured I'd check its wiki page to see if the number was higher than the current largest listed

                • Anonymous

                  should have turf war with diablos
                  also just so you know he picks up explosives balls in the elders recess if you are a bow user you can shoot an arrow at his explosive ball of fire and it will blow up and he will fall over immediately and since that attack makes up 70% of his move set you will have a much easier time slaying him in the elders recess ( ps. if you shoot his fire ball with an arrow in the fire zone of the elders recess it will do more damage ) - Smart Guy

                  • Anonymous

                    you know this guy is really a pain but i just hunt him for the tail and when i finally cut it he is enraged and wont leave me alone so i end up killing him because he wont stop bothering me its sad but im not sorry because he deserved it ( i go for the tail because its used to make good things and i got a gem the first time i jot his tail but that was luck but i keep trying to get more cause it rarity level is 12 so thats why i keep trying )

                    • Anonymous

                      I hate this monster. Once it starts rolling the tree it*****boxes are broken af and to top it off its impossible to catch! I slapped 13 tranq bombs on it after getting it into a trap and it was low health yet it still didnt capture!

                      • Anonymous

                        really awesome gentle giant, very cool and cool attacks. Just one question..... WHY IS HE AN INVADER! With that much skin he would feel really hot in the elder's recess

                        • Anonymous

                          Banbaro, dude, I love you, but you really need to stop following me around everywhere, ok? Your biology is only suited for cold environments, so I really don’t like it if you start looking for me in a volcanic location. Makes me worried about you. I feel like you’re being to clingy... I might need some distance between us... I really love you, you know? So this breaks my heart to say, but... please leave me alone... for your sake...

                          • Anonymous

                            It has all this fur yet it walks around in the lava region of the elder's recess all the time. Does it ever get hot?

                            • Anonymous

                              I used Charge Blade with fire element to fight it. But the amped elemental charge damage is 0 for most of the time. Anyone can explain this?

                              • Anonymous

                                Wiki incorrectly states that you can't roll the tree charge. A properly timed roll against the monster's charge at the edge of the tree will allow you to roll through the tree safely

                                • Anonymous

                                  Always struck me as odd that they have Barroth's model in game, and Jade Barroth is an icy, charging brute wyvern that flings giant snowballs...yet here's Banbaro. I wonder if Banbaro started design as a Jade Barroth implementation, but they decided it was too different, or would require a body too much bigger than Barroth's for it to be Jade Barroth, so they made the moose brute instead.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Good monster, but feels really out of place as an invader. A shame it serves more of a “hee hoo I’m a roaring hitbox” during big monster fights; more of a distraction than even Jho or the other invaders because his big tree attacks simply demand your full attention, even the boulders at times.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This monster is BROKEN. It attacks nonstop over and over and over gives you no time to heal and does massive damage. it doesnt help that the hitboxes are crummy AT BEST on this thing and it seems to hit me with every boulder no matter where its thrown. it makes no sense why this monster is not only the second one in ICEBORNE but its a must solo fight to make it even worse. If you want this monster to be this tough you gotta give us the tools to beat it!

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Until I fought this thing in the arena I didn't really appreciate just how massive this thing is. Definitely the biggest normal monster in the game.

                                        • Anonymous


                                          • Anonymous

                                            I have hunted a larger version (only marginally) of what is stated here, 2982.00 on the dot (maybe largests of the large gold crowns). I know it doesn't matter for the purposes of trophies/achievements but I thought I would add that. iirc small and large gold crowns are usually within 5-10% of the true smallest and largest vaules for example my small crown for banbaro is 2164.36, larger than what's on this page, but enough to register a small crown.

                                            • Can he potentially deal effluvium build up like how tigrex can in the rotten vale? I've noticed a lot of these new roaming monsters get that gimmick.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I never used dung pods up until this fat *****ing hit-box-face. If you're trying to hunt something else and he shows up, and a living creature looks at him funny or a spec of kinsect dust makes him sneeze, be prepared to have his *****ing aggro until one of you dies or you throw***** in his face. After he makes that petulant WAAAHHHH crybaby roar, of course. ***** this thing.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  So weird seeing this monster in the other locales, seems so out of place, of course, I like the idea of more all-locale monsters

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    It looks really similar to duramboros from earlier games. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s phylogenetically related to it. Duramboros is a massive brute wyvern with ram-like horns. The lips and face resemble it too.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      He's cool. Would have loved it, if it actually was a fanged beast and not a brute wyvern, but what'cha gonna do? Can't wait to sunbathe next to that thing.

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