Blackveil Vaal Hazak

Enemy Type

Large Monsters

Species Elder Dragons
Elements None
Ailments effluvialbuildupsmallEffluvial Buildup
Weakness mhw-fire-damageFire ⭐⭐
mhw-dragon-damageDragon ⭐⭐
Resistances mhw-water-elemental-damage_sWater (immune)
mhw-thunder-damage_sThunder ⭐
mhw-ice-damage_sIce ⭐
Location(s) Ancient Forest
Rotten Vale
Tempered Lv. 3

Blackveil Vaal Hazak is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). 死を纏うヴァルハザク (shi wo matou vuaruhazaku) in Japanese. It is a variant of Vaal Hazak.


A Vaal Hazak variant encrusted with spores that spew a torrent of toxic effluvium at any who draw close.

Blackveil Vaal Hazak Details & Locations


Blackveil Vaal Hazak Combat Info

  • Kinsect Extracts:
    • Red: Head
    • Orange: Body/Spore Sacs
    • White: Wings/Legs
    • Green:  Tail
  • Attacks:
    • Slap: Slaps you with its front legs at close range.
    • Charge: Lets out a short roar and charges forward surprisingly fast. Deals heavy damage, knocks you back and can stun.
    • Bite: Swings its head in a sweeping motion to try to bite you. Moves forward slightly during the bite. It may follow up the bite with up to two more bites.
    • Tail Sweep: Uses its tail to knock you back and potentially stun you.
    • Spin: Turns its entire body 180 degrees, knocking anyone back caught by it. May follow it up with a tail sweep.
    • Wild Effluvium Beam: Gathers power for a short duration to shoot a beam of effluvia in a very erratic pattern. Deals high damage, can stun.
    • Sweeping Effluvium Beam: Gathers Effluvium to sweep a fan shaped area in front of him with a continuous beam. Heavy damage, can stun.
    • Downward Effluvium Beam: Gets up on his hind legs and gathers Effluvium to shoot the beam down right at its feet. Clouds of Effluvium will disperse from the center in multiple directions, dealing moderate damage and knocking you back on contact.
    • Retreating Effluvium Spew. Moves backwards while spewing clouds of effluvium. Deals high damage and knockback up close, deals chip damage at longer distances.
    • Advancing Effluvium Beam: Slowly moves forward, sweeping the area in front of him with a beam of Effluvium.
    • Effluvial Aura: It is constantly surrounded by an aura of Effluvium, dealing chip damage up close. Can be dispelled with an Elderseal weapon.
    • Spore Clouds: The fungal growths on its body will periodically spit spores in all directions, dealing high chip damage. If his effluvial aura was dispelled, the fungal spit will stop too.
    • Recover: Stands up on its hind legs and gathers all his lost Effluvium. If not interrupted, he will regain his Effluvium aura and regrow all its Fungi.
  • Enraged mode: It stands up on its hind legs and roars while gathering its Aura of Effluvium. It then proceeds get back on all four feet, dealing minimal damage but knocking you back.

    • Generally raises his attack speed and frequency.
    • The fungi on his body will shoot more spores.
    • Gains a unique attack where it hovers in the air briefly and bursts forth spore pods in every direction. The pressure from this explosion can knock the player back if they are too close to the epicenter, as well as getting hit by one of the spore pods (which can also stun the player). These spore pods will then explode, creating a thick fog in a large circle for 60s and will cause significant damage to players within it. This fog does stay fairly low to the ground, so elevating yourself (such as when mounting the monster, which causes it to fly) is one way to avoid this damage.
  • The Fungal patches on its body can be broken.
  • Effluvia Resistance 3 will prevent your health from being cut in half, also consider Nulberries if you can't fit Effluvia Resistance into your build.
  • Is immune to flash effects until the spores coating its head are broken
  • Repeatedly using the Slinger Burst to slam him into a wall will eventually result in a head break.
  • Contact with the spores will occasionally alter the appearance and behavior of some small animals, such as wingdrakes, jagras, and aptanoths.  They will appear gray/ashen and become aggressive.


Blackveil Vaal Hazak Weaknesses

Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each ailment

Ailment mhw-poison-status-effect sleep-mhw-status-effect paralysis blast stun
Weakness Level ⭐⭐


Each ⭐star shown below represents more weakness to each damage type

Weak Point cut-damage-mhw blunt-damage-mhw ammo-damage-mhw
Head (Breakable) ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Forelegs (Breakable) ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐
Tail (Severable) ⭐⭐


Detailed weakness information(Legend Explanation: here)


Credits to AsteriskAmpersand, Deathcream and MoonBunnie.


Blackveil Vaal Hazak Master Rank Carves

Defeating this monster allows the player to carve the following items:

Blackveil Vaal Hazak Carves

Carves Frequency %
deceased_shard-mhw-wiki-guide-smallDeceased Shard (Dropped / Tail Carved) Master Rank 33% (28% / 22%)
vaal_hazak_cortex-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Cortex Master Rank 22%
vaal_hazak_hardclaw-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Hardclaw Master Rank 18%
shadowpierce_fang-mhw-wiki-guide-smallShadowpierce Fang Master Rank 14%
vaal_hazak_fellwing-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Fellwing Master Rank 9%
bazelguese_flail-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Flail (Tail Carved only) Master Rank 75%
deathweaver-membrane-mhw-wiki-guide-smallDeathweaver Membrane (Dropped only) Master Rank 50%
vaal_hazak_gem_small-mhw-wiki-guideVaal Hazak Gem Master Rank 5%
large-elder-dragon-gem-mhw-wiki-guide-smallLarge Elder Dragon Gem (Tail Carved) Master Rank 2% (3%)


Blackveil Vaal Hazak Rewards

Rewards Frequency %
deceased_shard-mhw-wiki-guide-smallDeceased Shard Master Rank 30%
vaal_hazak_cortex-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Cortex (Break Forelegs) Master Rank 22% (20%)
vaal_hazak_hardclaw-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Hardclaw (Break Forelegs) Master Rank 14% (80%)
vaal_hazak_fellwing-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Fellwing (Break Chest) Master Rank 11% (70%)
shadowpierce_fang-mhw-wiki-guide-smallShadowpierce Fang (Break Head) Master Rank 8% (66%)
deathweaver_membrane-mhw-wiki-guide-smallDeathweaver Membrane (Break Head/Chest) Master Rank 9% (32% / 30%)
vaal_hazak_flail-mhw-wiki-guide-smallVaal Hazak Flail (Tail Carved) Master Rank 8%
vaal_hazak_gem_small-mhw-wiki-guideVaal Hazak Gem Master Rank 5%
large-elder-dragon-gem-mhw-wiki-guide-smallLarge Elder Dragon Gem (Break Head) Master Rank 2% (2%)
elder-dragonvein-bone-mhw-wiki-guide-small Elder Dragonvein Bone Master Rank 63%
large_elder_dragon_bone-mhw-wiki-guide-smallLarge Elder Dragon Bone Master Rank 8%
pure_dragon_blood-mhw-wiki-guide-smallPure Dragon Blood Master Rank 12%
twilight-fang-mhw-wiki-guideTwilight Fang Master Rank 37%
elder-spiritvein-bone-small-mhw-wiki-guideElder Spiritvein Bone Master Rank 33%
tempered-twilight-fang-small-mhw-wiki-guideTempered Twilight Fang Master Rank 64%
great-spiritvein-gem-mhw-wiki-guideGreat Spiritvein Gem Master Rank 3%

Blackveil Vaal Hazak Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Blackveil Vaal Hazak Monster. These are unconfirmed and pre-release information for now!





Notes & Trivia

  • It is known as the "Smoke Effluvium Corpse Coating Dragon".
    • As of now, it has the longest title out of any monster in the game.
  • Can fly, but curiously only does when you mount it and briefly while performing its ultimate attack.





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    • Anonymous

      06 Oct 2021 07:13  

      Bruh why do people think this is so hard, I just got to it at mr 19 and almost have its armor finished in one day.

      • Anonymous

        28 Sep 2021 19:32  

        the laser beam attack doesn't flinches you and ticks for a several time in a matter of second insta carting you. on other hand you get knocked away by stupid gas clouds. is this for real?

        • Anonymous

          11 Sep 2021 04:43  

          by far on of the most stupid fight of the game. The AI is terrible and his ability is just cheese.

          MR is a terrible mode in general, and it goes to its apex with him.

          • Anonymous

            06 Sep 2021 15:55  

            It shouldn't be that bad if not for those cloud attacks. The goddamn hitbox. Where does it end? Where does it begin? I despise cloud-shaped attacks in any game with every fibre of my being because I CAN'T SEE THE GODDAMN HITBOX.

            • Anonymous

              21 May 2021 16:23  

              Idea: set the quest for 2 people and get tons of heal power and spam it when someone gets effluvia buildup

              • Anonymous

                29 Apr 2021 12:53  

                Pretty easy elder dragon. Took me 26 minuntes to kill him with explosion element hammer in first attempt. Get that 3x Effluvia resistance and just dodge xD, nothing special. If you progressed to that monster in Iceborne you should be more experienced and kill him without any major problems.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Feb 2021 16:29  

                  Imagine having 3x Effluvia resistance AND clearmind charm, yet still taking massive damage from his effluvia aura and effluvia clouds. Whoever coded this fight is a clown.

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Dec 2020 05:29  

                    Hold up let me get this straight breaking his chest awards you wings? Okay I know it can be difficult to reach his wings if your not a Glaive or ranged main but still and very generous of capcom

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Oct 2020 15:37  

                      JEBUS please read this
                      i look up to you not as a helper but as a god you have inspired me to help hunters on there journey but i just want you to know that you are a huge part of of the greater good of mhw i will always remember the chats that you posted they where really helpful to me and to other hunters i hope you have fun being a god and i hope you get this letter soon but just so you know i am inspired i love you JEBUS as a friend - Smart Guy

                      • 14 Oct 2020 18:41  

                        I have done IT!!! I have slayed him. And hooo boi it was a tough fight WITH elfuivia resistance. You defenitly want that. I would recomend Acidic Glavenus head because 1 some people are already farming him due to his weapons. and most people have at least 1 miasma jewel so those two together give level 3

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