Blastscourge is a stronger version of Blastblight that causes a greater amount of damage when it explodes.

Blastscourge is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It is a stronger version of BlastblightBlastblight.


Blastscourge Effect

  • Causes an explosion that deals more damage than Blastblight, and activates in a faster time interval
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: status_effect-blastscourge_mhwi_icon
  • It can be cured with consecutive rolls, or by consuming a Nulberry
  • Using an Immunity Mantle or the Fireproof Mantle+ removes and prevents the effect.
  • Having Blast Resistance 3 will prevent the Blastscourge blight (does not prevent the damage from the Blastscourge puddles).


How to get Blastscourge

The following monsters can inflict Blastscourge:


Status Effects
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