Blastscourge is a stronger version of Blastblight that causes a greater amount of damage when it explodes.

Blastscourge is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It is a stronger version of BlastblightBlastblight.


Blastscourge Effect

  • Causes an explosion that deals more damage than Blastblight, and activates in a faster time interval
  • The effect can be recognized by this symbol: status_effect-blastscourge_mhwi_icon
  • It can be cured with consecutive rolls, or by consuming a Nulberry
  • Using an Immunity Mantle or the Fireproof Mantle+ removes and prevents the effect.
  • Having Blast Resistance 3 will prevent the Blastscourge effect, but will not prevent the damage from the Blastscourge puddles.
    Note that this Skill and other Status Ailment resistance Skills are different from the Blight Resistance Skill, which deals with Elemental Blights.


How to get Blastscourge

The following monsters can inflict Blastscourge:


Status Effects
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    • Anonymous

      The info about rolls is incorrect. The number of rolls needed to cure it depends on how long it has been active, starting at 3 and going up to 5 right before the explosion. Can even be more if you only partially cure it and then wait a bit before rolling again.

      • Anonymous

        So there's literally no skill in the entire game that can make you immune to it? When Brachydios was introduced in 3 that wasn't the case. This is the most shameless artificial difficulty added to clumsily up the stakes I've ever seen.

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