Causes damage while moving.

Bleeding is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This effect causes damage to a Hunter as they move. Bleeding is a Player-and-Ally only effect and cannot be inflicted on Monsters.


Bleeding Effect

Bleeding periodically causes small amounts of damage when moving, attacking or dodging. Movement causes the least damage about every 1.5 seconds. Attacking does moderate damage per tick but triggers with each attack, causing more damage when wielding faster Weapon types. Dodging does the most damage per tick and triggers with each evasion. Bleeding does not wear off on its own.

The effect can be recognized by this symbol Bleeding on the HUD.

All damage dealt by the Bleeding effect is recoverable through natural regeneration, but note that all natural regeneration is stopped by Bleeding.

Crouching (standing still and pressing the dodge button) for a few seconds will cure Bleeding. Additionally, consuming Astera Jerky Sushifish Scale or Well-Done Steak will instantly remove the effect. Bleeding can also be prevented with the Bleeding Resistance Skill or the All Ailments Negated buff. Curing Bleeding through any means will activate a small Natural Recovery Up Status Effect.


Monsters that can cause Bleeding


Status Effects
Abnormal Status Attack Increased  ♦  Affinity Up  ♦  All Ailments Negated  ♦  Attack Up  ♦  Blastblight  ♦  Blastscourge  ♦  Blight Negated  ♦  Defense Down  ♦  Defense Up  ♦  Divine Protection  ♦  Dragon Element Resistance Up  ♦  Dragon Res Boost  ♦  Dragonblight  ♦  Effluvial Buildup  ♦  Elemental Attack Boost  ♦  Evasion Enhanced  ♦  Fire Element Resistance Up  ♦  Fire Res Boost  ♦  Fireblight  ♦  Health Increase  ♦  Ice Element Resistance Up  ♦  Ice Res Boost  ♦  Iceblight  ♦  Knockbacks Negated  ♦  Muck Res  ♦  Natural Recovery Up  ♦  Noxious Poison  ♦  Paralysis  ♦  Paralysis Negated  ♦  Poison  ♦  Recovery Up  ♦  Resistant to Heat  ♦  Self-Improvement  ♦  Sleep  ♦  Stamina Use Reduced  ♦  Stun  ♦  Stun Negated  ♦  Thunder Element Resistance Up  ♦  Thunder Res Boost  ♦  Thunderblight  ♦  Tremor Negation  ♦  Water Element Resistance Up  ♦  Water Res Boost  ♦  Waterblight  ♦  Wind Pressure Negated  ♦  Wind Pressure Nullified  ♦  Zombified Status

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