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4 5 15 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki 150 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki

The Boomerang is an Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It can be brought to the field in the Item Pouch to assist Hunters in their work.


An unusually-shaped weapon from abroad that returns to its user when thrown.


When used from the Item Bar, the Boomerang is thrown in whichever direction the Hunter is facing, or towards the Slinger reticle if it is activated with l2-ps4-controls-small / controls-xbox-lt / C. It will fly to medium range, then arc back to the thrower, piercing through all targets and dealing multiple hits.

The Boomerang deals Cut Damage, one of the three types of Raw (physical) Damage. While its strength is negligible, its Damage Type allows it to sever the tails of Monsters. This is especially useful for wielders of Weapons that deal Blunt Damage, as the final blow to the Monster's tail will require Cut Damage to be severed. In addition, the Boomerang can be used to trigger traps and Environmental Hazards from range when other methods such as the Slinger are not available.

The Boomerang can be purchased for 150 zenny-currency-mhworld-wiki Zenny from the Provisions Stockpile in Astera.




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    • Anonymous

      Attention all gamers: The information in this article is wrong.

      In both MHWorld and MHRise all progress towards a tail sever must be severing damage. That means you can't just wail down on the tail with a blunt weapon like Hammer and just do the last hit with severing damage like this Boomerang or whatever.

      Think about if for yourself: Why would anyone ever go for the head, legs or wings with any kind of weapon first if they could also attack the tail and cut it this easily? It's literally a free extra carve, yet the iron role is blunt (and pierce in a manner) weapons go for head - not just for stuns, but because they do jack **** on tails for most monsters.

      Not sure if it was different in older games but this **** ain't working like that anymore, don't get baited by the community wiki.

      • Anonymous

        Eh it’s free damage for melee especially if it’s a bigger monster.

        Sword and shield is useful and dual blades. Since the range on those is small and you can do quick drawls with them than any other weapon

        • Anonymous

          Dont listen to the other poster, boomerangs are NOT MEANT for cutting tails. Boomerangs do slicing damage, so they THEORETICALLY CAN cut tails, but that is all. You need over a hundred boomerang throws to cut off a tail.

          • Anonymous

            The boomerang is useful for cutting tails, setting off traps both that you set up and environment traps, and shooting down fruit. Certain weapons have a hard time cutting tails especially blunt ones thats what it's here for.

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