Botanical Research

npc botanical
Race Wyvernians
Location Astera - Tradeyard North

The Botanical Research is a group of NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


The Botanical Research Center allows the Hunter to cultivate various items thanks to the study of the Ancient Tree.

Quests & Services

This Facility investigates the local vegetation, monsters, and creatures of the New World. It is set in an ecosystem that surrounds the gigantic Ancient Tree located immediately west of Astera. At present, the Chief Botanist is dutifully studying that tree. The cultivation of plants, insects, and mushrooms is accelerated by the Ancient Tree's overflowing life force.

  • The Botanical Research is composed of 2 NPCs: Chief Botanist and Laid-back Botanist
  • Chief Botanist lets the Hunter manage the culture, the harvest box and the fertilizers.
    Once an item is gathered in the field, it's possible to cultivate it and produce items while out questing.
  • Some Items have to be unlocked via Optional Quests to be cultivated.
  • You can have up to 4 items cultivating (allows duplicates) and expand the harvest box up to 50 slots.
Harvest Box Upgrade (+10) To Hold a Harvest delivery
Aqua Sac x2 + 300 RP
Harvest Box Upgrade (+10) Your Storage Solution delivery
Torrent Sac x1 + 1000 RP
Harvest Box Upgrade (+10) Greetings from the Tundra master rank icon mhw wiki guide small 1 optional quest
Harvest Box Upgrade (+10) Looking For That Glimmer master rank icon mhw wiki guide small 2 optional quest
Culture Slot (+1) Persistent Pests 4 optional quest
Culture Slot (+1) Talons of Ire and Ice 7 optional quest
Culture Slot (+1) Secret of the Ooze master rank icon mhw wiki guide small 3 optional quest
Nulberry, Might SeedAdamant Seed, Antidote Herb, Fire Herb, Flowfern,
Snow Herb, Sleep Herb, Smokenut, Dragonfell Berry, Ivy, Blastnut,
Dragonstrike Nut, Slashberry, Bomberry, Flamenut, Blazenut
Prickly Predicament 3 optional quest
Mandragora, Nitroshroom, Devil's Blight, Parashroom
Toadstool, Exciteshroom, Chillshroom, Flashbug
Godbug, Thunderbug, Baitbug, Spider Web
Royal Relocation 4 optional quest




 Fertilizers allows for more items to be cultivated, faster culture and extending current fertilization duration. Can only fertilize once between each quest. The (S) effects stack until (L) if used while one is already up. The Growth Up effect means that items requiring more than 1 quest to be cultivated will be cultivated faster, it has no effect otherwise.

RP Cost
Fertilizer - Plant Harvest UP (S) 3 100
Mushroom Substrate - Fungi Harvest Up (S) 3 100
Summoner Jelly - Bug/Honey Harvest Up (S) 3 100
Catalyst Sprouting an Ancient Tree delivery
Coral Bone x1 + 500RP
Growth Up (S) 4 300
Mega Fertilizer

★6 optional quest: Hard To Swallow

Grow, Greenery, Grow
Great Jagras Hide+ x1 + 600RP
Plant Harvest UP (L) 4 250
Choice Mushroom Substrate

★6 optional quest: A Crown of Mud and Anger

A Mountain of Mushrooms
Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+ x1 + 700RP

Fungi Harvest Up (L) 4 250
Thick Summoner Jelly

★6 Optional Quest: Say Cheese!

The Pied Bug Piper
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore+ x1 + 800RP

Bug/Honey Harvest UP (L) 4 250
Ancient Catalyst

★6 Optional Quest: The Sleeping Sylvan Queen

Shattering the Grass Ceiling
Great Girros Hood+ x1 + 900RP

Growth Up (L) 4 500
Soft Soil

Complete all other fertilizer delivery quests to unlock

A Gentle Earthen Bed delivery
Dragonbone Relic x3 + 1000RP

Extend existing effect duration by 5. 5 600


Role in Main Story

  • The Botanical Research has no role in the main story line.



  • The Botanical Research is part of the Third Fleet.
  • The three baskets at the Botanical Research show how full the Harvest boxes are.
  • A particular characteristic of the Ancient Tree is that it draws from the surrounding plant life to grow. As a result, it is natural that many bugs gather in it and that it bears fruit. However, it is thought that there must be a special reason for the gigantic size and rapid growth.

Image Gallery


botanical baskets empty

Harvest Box (close to)empty


botanical baskets filled

Harvest Box somewhat filled



botanical baskets nearly full

Harvest Box nearly full


botanical baskets full

Harvest Box full


ancient tree sketches


Admiral  ♦  Analytics Director  ♦  Chief Botanist  ♦  Commander  ♦  Ecological Research  ♦  Elder Melder  ♦  Endemic Life Researcher  ♦  Excitable A-Lister  ♦  Field Master  ♦  Field Team Leader  ♦  First Wyverians  ♦  General  ♦  Grammeowster Chef  ♦  Grimalkyne Tribes  ♦  Lynian Researcher  ♦  Meowscular Chef  ♦  Piscine Researcher  ♦  Poogie  ♦  Provisions Manager  ♦  Resource Center  ♦  Second Fleet Master  ♦  Serious Handler  ♦  Shy Scholar  ♦  Steamworks  ♦  Tech Chief  ♦  The Argosy  ♦  The Armory  ♦  The Handler  ♦  The Huntsman  ♦  Third Fleet Master


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    • Anonymous

      To unlock the "MOUNTAIN OF MUSHROOMS" delivery quest i have to find the "Sisterly Fourth" NPC she is walking between tradeyard and canteen i found her sitting at the canteen, i was walking around scratching my head for an hour until i figured this out i hope this helps

      • Anonymous

        If your missing any items in the tabs repeat missions (3☆Prickly Predicament) and (4☆Royal Relocation)

        • Anonymous

          I just got my friend into playing MHW, and he got a message saying how many slots he have left in the harvest box when he finish quests, same as when you get the bounty messages. I have never seen that message before and would like to know how to turn it on. Anyone know how?

          • Anonymous

            Something's not right, I did Royal Relocation and unlocked most of those cultivation items, but I still can't do Exciteshrooms.

            • Anonymous

              I couldn't unlock 'Soft Soil' until after discovering Elder's Recess and returning back to Astera after completing the mission.

              • Anonymous

                You can now cultivate up to FOUR items thanks to Iceborne. To receive the quest to do so, you must complete all the precious harvest box quests from the base game and then do a quest or two from the botanical research guy.

                • Anonymous

                  how do u get a storage solution quest to appear i can cultivate 3 and box is at 20 im well into iceborne now but wanna finish up everything

                  • Anonymous

                    Still not entirely sure how to harvest what's been grown there, if I stand next to the basket no options come up..

                    • Anonymous

                      Somebody fail to add laid-back botanist info? If anyone was curious he's your man for unlocking more cultivation items. Just do all his quests and that tree will be doing you wonders.

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