A type of ammo fired by a Bowgun. The types you can use are determined by the Bowgun equipped.


 Bowgun Ammo




Normal - Basic ammunition. Comes in three levels of increasing damage.

Pierce - Ammo which penetrates in a line, causing repeated damage the further it travels through the target. Best used on larger targets.

Spread - Shotgun like ammo that fires multiple shots at short range. Best used close up or on fast moving targets. 

Sticky - Attaches a small explosive charge which explodes after a delay.

Cluster - Fired in an arc, the initial shot will burst into multiple explosives. Though it does not cause friendly damage, the blasts from detonation do push other hunters away, so care should be taken. 

Recover - Fired at fellow hunters, both palico and human, to provide healing. 

Poison - Causes damage and increases targets poisoned status. After the target is inflicted with poison it will take damage over time and drip purple goo from it's mouth.

Paralysis - Casues damage and an increase in targets Paralysis status. When inflicted target will have sparks of yellow lightning around it. 

Sleep - Causes damage and increases target's Sleep status. Target will fall asleep.

Flaming - Causes Fire element damage.

Water - Causes Water element damage.

Freeze - Causes Ice element damage

Thunder - Causes Thunder element damage.

Dragon - Causes Dragon element damage.

Slicing - Attaches an explosive charge that explodes and causes slicing damage. Intended to be used to sever monster parts such as the tail. 

Wyvern - Short range, slow, yet highly damaging ammo. On firing builds up and releases a short range blast. Although the range is short, the ammo will still cause damage even if the "Out of Range" warning is shown on firing. The best use is on downed or otherwise stunned monsters, when you know you have at least 2-3 seconds to unleash the ammo. Can also be used on distracted or charging monsters, though this is more risky. 

Demon - Boosts attack power of friendly human and palico hunters similar to Demon drug.

Armor - Boosts the defense of human and palico hunters similar to using an Armorskin drug. 

Tranq - Quest specific



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