Bowgun Ammo is the means by which Bowgun wielders act in combat. Ammo comes in many types - some with multiple levels - and allows a Hunter to deal Raw (physical) and Elemental Damage, apply Status Effects, and support allies.


Ammo and the Item Pouch

Ammo is carried in a dedicated portion of the Hunter's Item Pouch along with Bow Coatings. Sixteen slots are available for Ammo and Coatings.
Carrying capacity for a slot varies with ammo type and level.

When an Item Loadout is saved at the item Box, the Ammo/Coatings portion of the Hunter's Item Pouch is saved as well, along with the arrangement of each Ammo type.
The arrangement of Ammo can be managed similarly to the arrangement of Items. This can be done by opening the Item Pouch, viewing the Item Bar (triangle-ps4-controls-small/y-xbox-controls/space-keyboard-control,) and accessing Ammo/Coatings.

The Ammo types and levels that can be used at any time depend on the Bowgun that is currently equipped. See Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun for more information.

See Ammo & Coating Crafting for information on crafting all Bowgun Ammo.
See Loadouts for information on configuring a complete and efficient Hunter's arsenal.


The following is a list of all Bowgun Ammo types.




Normal Ammo  Basic ammunition. Comes in three levels of increasing damage.
Pierce Ammo Ammo which penetrates in a line, causing more damage the further it travels through the target. Best used on larger targets.
Spread Ammo Shotgun-like ammo that fires multiple pellets with short range. Best used close up or on fast moving targets.
Sticky Ammo  Attaches a small explosive charge which explodes after a delay. Can cause Stun buildup.
Cluster Bomb An arcing shot which splits into multiple explosives. Causes heavy knockback to allies.
Recover Ammo Restores Health to allies. Effectiveness increases with level.
Poison Ammo Causes Poison status buildup. Effectiveness increases with level. Success is indicated by purple saliva from a Monster's mouth.
Paralysis Ammo Causes Paralysis status buildup. Effectiveness increases with level.
Sleep Ammo Causes Sleep status buildup. Effectiveness increases with level.
Exhaust Ammo Reduces a Monster's Stamina. Effectiveness increases with level.
Flaming Ammo Causes  Fire element damage.
Water Ammo Causes  Water element damage.
Freeze Ammo Causes  Ice element damage.
Thunder Ammo Causes  Thunder element damage.
Dragon Ammo Causes Dragon element damage.
Slicing Ammo Attaches a charge that explodes and causes Cut Damage.
Wyvern Ammo Short range, slow, yet highly damaging ammo. Requires a short chargeup to fire.
Demon Ammo Boosts Attack Power of allies for a short time.
Armor Ammo Boosts Defense of allies for a short time.
Tranq Ammo Functions identically to Tranq Bomb.



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