Brachydios Scimitar II

Rarity 10
mhw-defense -
mhw-decoration  gem_level_1
 Attack Power 792
 Affinity 0%
 Element Damage waterblight Blast 480
mhw-elderseal -

Brachydios Scimitar II is a Master Rank Long Sword Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Brachydios Scimitar II Information



Brachydios Scimitar II Crafting and Upgrades

Brachydios Scimitar II has 2 different upgrade levels. It follows the Bone path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Power Sharpness Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense
Brachydios Scimitar I 10 726
0% waterblight Blast 330 - -
Craft with: Brachydios Crown x2, Brachydios Cortex x4, Glowing Slime x3, Meldspar Ore x3
Brachydios Scimitar II 10 726
0% waterblight Blast  480 gem_level_1 -
Craft with:  Azure Rathalos Fellwing x2, Brachydios Pounder+ x3, Brachydios Lash x2, Glowing Slime x5



Brachydios Scimitar II Upgrade Tree

Brachydios Scimitar II is part of an upgrade path for the Long Sword Weapon Tree. Below is an excerpt of the relevant Bone tree.


Long Sword Bone Tree

Iceborne Long Swords
Abyss Piercer I  ♦  Abyss Piercer II  ♦  Acid Scimitar I  ♦  Acid Scimitar II  ♦  Ambertooth I  ♦  Ambertooth II  ♦  Anja Direfang I  ♦  Anja Direfang II  ♦  Apsara Glacia  ♦  Bazel Prozio Rooksearer  ♦  Black Tornaria  ♦  Blinding Blaze I  ♦  Blinding Blaze II  ♦  Brachydios Scimitar I  ♦  Brazenreach I  ♦  Brazenreach II  ♦  Brimstren Drakebone  ♦  Consummate Katana  ♦  Crimson Viperfang I  ♦  Crimson Viperfang II  ♦  Daito Crow  ♦  Deathblade Vaal Grosser  ♦  Deepest Night  ♦  Demon Halberd  ♦  Demon Scavenger Pickaxe  ♦  Despot's Boltbreaker  ♦  Dipterus Varzea I  ♦  Dipterus Varzea II  ♦  Dragonseal Aldblade I  ♦  Dragonseal Aldblade II  ♦  Glavenus Spada I  ♦  Glavenus Spada II  ♦  Gnashing Fulgur I  ♦  Gnashing Fulgur II  ♦  Grand Khopesh I  ♦  Grand Khopesh II  ♦  Grand Khopesh III  ♦  Great Demon Halberd  ♦  Hellish Slasher  ♦  Hidden Saber  ♦  Hidden Saber +  ♦  Hoarcry Stealer  ♦  Hydra Tornaria  ♦  Icebrink  ♦  Imperial Flickerflame  ♦  Iron Eschaton I  ♦  Iron Eschaton II  ♦  Iron Eschaton III  ♦  Kadachi Daito I  ♦  Kadachi Daito II  ♦  Legia Stealer +  ♦  Mad Scavenger Pickaxe  ♦  Magdaros Volcansword  ♦  Mammoth Longblade I  ♦  Mammoth Longblade II  ♦  Radiant Flow  ♦  Rafiq al-Nasr I  ♦  Rafiq al-Nasr II  ♦  Ravenbite  ♦  Reverent Elusarca  ♦  Rooksearer Long Sword  ♦  Ruinous Extermination  ♦  Safi's Aquablade  ♦  Safi's Bindblade  ♦  Safi's Boltblade  ♦  Safi's Drakblade  ♦  Safi's Dreamblade  ♦  Safi's Frostblade  ♦  Safi's Hellblade  ♦  Safi's Shatterblade  ♦  Safi's Venomblade  ♦  Soulfire Lash Blaze  ♦  Soulfire Lash Ruin  ♦  Soulfire Lash Styx  ♦  Stygian Gula  ♦  Tigerfang  ♦  Tigrine Edge  ♦  Tigrine Edge +  ♦  Tigrine Need  ♦  Usurper's Boltslicer  ♦  Usurper's Boltslicer +  ♦  Wyvern Blade Blossom  ♦  Wyvern Blade Blossom +  ♦  Wyvern Blade Empyrean  ♦  Wyvern Blade Indigo +  ♦  Wyvern Blade Luna  ♦  Wyvern Blade Pale  ♦  Xeno Cypher +

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    • Anonymous

      This just shows how goof the defender weapon is. The defender katana has just 180 blast and 66 raw less but more white sharpness. Really good for a weapon you can get after beating high rank nergi

      • Anonymous

        why the heck couldn't they have just used the old dios katana look from the old games, this thing looks generic as hell.

        • Anonymous

          So all the other weapons get a cool design, except long sword. Screw you capcom, make all the weapons look unique and every monster makes each weapon type. I want my kushala snake looking long sword damnit

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