Location Wildspire Waste
Type Unclassified

Cactuar is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals and insects are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.


A mysterious creature from Eorzea that looks like a cactus but is not. Releases 1000 needles when struck.

You can also choose to kick Cactuar, just like a paratoad. This will cause Cactuar to release a thousand needles, dealing around 1000 damage in ticks of 100. This is able severely injure early-game monsters.

Cactuar Location

You can find Cactuar in:

  • Area 4 of Wildspire Wastes, by where the Apceros graze.
  • Area 8 of Wildspire Wastes, in the quicksand trap area.
  • Area 7 of Wildspire Wastes, to the left of camp 11 near the Gajalaka.


Cactuar Capturing Rewards

You can capture Cactuar by using the infinite item "capture net" then aiming for the creature with the control's trigger and pressing Square on your controller when the outline of the frame turns orange.

  • House placing:
  • Other rewards:


Cactuar Notes

  • It's one of the cute critters from Eorzea! I tried to pet it, but this little guy's got thorns - a thousand of them! I'll be tweezing for weeks...
  • Sizes: 146.12 (Fix size)



Endemic Life
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    • Anonymous

      i find these all the time in the Wildspire waste, all I knew was if you clicked on it, it did 1000 needles {its attack from FF} and dmg the mobs, I had no idea you could catch the big ones! I only knew you could get the little ones

      • Anonymous

        When I first caught it I got 3000 research points. If I remember correctly this monster is one that comes from the Final Fantasy franchise, I used to be weirded out by them while playing Final Fantasy 13 part 2. It's possibly because I have fond memories of playing FF13p2 that I like this thing so much, oh well, of to capture some more!

        • Anonymous

          Found one on top of the highest point in the Wildspire waste on a pillar. Captured him then immediately another one spawned near Barroth route.

          • Anonymous

            Found 2 this week. Caught the first one, then used another on a Diablos. They’re pretty useful Despite the fact that I don’t have the DLC, he still appeared...........

            • Anonymous

              man i got all exited to hunt one of my favorite enemies, the barroth, even put on a metal song to fight it and then this guy killed it in seconds....

              • Anonymous

                Found in area 7, I'm in Low Rank. Seems to be on a timer that runs somewhere in the vicinity of 5-10 minutes, maybe longer. Didn't notice the map marker at first so I can't say for sure what it's respawn is. If trying to capture not fight near it. It does not play fair.

                • Anonymous

                  found it while i was doing a capture barroth quest in wildspare.... he killed the barroth full hp... recommend using it again 11/10

                  • Anonymous

                    I think it's worth noting that those are tied to the behemoth update and, as such, are not available on pc to this date

                    • Anonymous

                      Found in the Wildspire Waste. If you hit it, it will spin and shoot spikes out. Good to do a lot of damage to monsters in close proximity to it.

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