Capture Net

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The Capture Net is a Fixed Pouch Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It allows Hunters to catch Endemic Life to be kept as Pets in their House.


A net that can be fired from your Slinger. Use it to capture small creatures.


The Capture Net is given to Hunters by the Research Commission as part of their preparations for exploring the New World.

While in the field, the Capture Net can be loaded into the Slinger from the Item Bar with square-ps4-controls-small / x-xbox-controls / E. See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.

Once the Capture Net is loaded into the Slinger, it can be aimed just like other Slinger ammo with l2-ps4-controls-small / controls-xbox-lt / C and fired with r2-ps4-controls-small / controls-xbox-rt / key-mouse_l. The aiming reticle is replaced with a much larger rectangular one, and highlights orange when a creature is within range. Remember that it may be necessary to aim high, as the Capture Net will drop to the ground quickly.

Endemic Life is worth ResearchPoints_icon32x32 Resource Points when captured, and the captured creatures are kept as Pets that can be set around the Hunter's house. Insects, rodents, small flying animals, and even fish can be caught with the Capture Net. In addition, fish will drop Items such as Sushifish Scales as if caught with the Fishing Rod .


Capture Net - In Range

The Capture Net aiming reticle will turn orange when in range


Using the Capture Net to catch Endemic Life



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      The smart thing to do would be to upgrade this post with new uses of the capture net, such as the fact that you can use it on Zinogre's back when it's down/toppled/stunned to get a material called "Fulgurbug". I came in here to see what other bosses have this mechanic but this doesn't even show the Zinogre one when the latter is shown as info on the loading screen.

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