Capturing in Monster Hunter World is the act of trapping and tranquilizing a monster rather than killing it.  This practice is required in many quests and investigations in Monster Hunter World.

How to Capture Monsters

To capture a monster, the monster must first be weakened.  When a monster has been sufficiently weakened, it will begin to limp away and return to its den to fall asleep.  At this point, the monster must be caught in either a Pitfall Trap or a Shock Trap (this can be done while the monster is asleep).  Once the monster has been ensnared in the trap, Tranq Bombs can be used to successfully capture the monster.  Typically, 2 Tranq Bombs are required to successfully capture the monster, and they must be used before the monster escapes the trap.  

Tip: If the Palico Thunderbug traps are being used often during the hunt, when deploying your own shock trap in an attempt to ensnare and tranq the monster, the monster will be able to escape quickly enough before two tranq bombs are thrown.

Torn between Capturing or Carving? Read this article

Whereas carving yields three carves (or rolls) for most monsters that can be captured, captures tend to yield at least four rolls with a small chance at more.

Pros to Carving

  1. More time to break parts before the monster dies.
  2. Easy to do - just wail on the monster until it dies.
  3. No coordination needed.
  4. Little to no pre-hunt preparation needed.

Cons to Carving

  1. Takes longer compared to capturing.

Pros to Capturing

  1. Can capture once the monster's health is 30% or lower.
  2. Ends the quest quicker since you don't have to kill it.
  3. Only need to wait 20 seconds to get back to Astera.
  4. More items in quest rewards compared to when you carve.

Cons to Capturing

  1. Needs items to do so!


    • Anonymous

      09 Sep 2019 21:21  

      Capturing is better in ALMOST all circumstances, excepting the specific situations in which you specifically either NEED to carve to get the item or want to carve because it provides a higher likelihood of getting a specific item. Capture everything else kids! As mentioned above, you just create some shock/pitfall traps with trap tool and thunderbugs/trap tools and nets and tranq bombs with parashrooms and sleep herbs. Weaken the monster till it starts limping, set a trap in front of or underneath it and use, usually, two trank bombs. Then you can just return from the expedition.

      • Anonymous

        27 May 2019 19:30  

        Which monsters can you not capture I know you can capture elders but I don’t know which monster are elders

        • Anonymous

          17 Jan 2019 23:43  

          It's worth noting that capture is always better, the comment about carving being situationally better is misleading and likely cause of much confusion and spread of misinformation elsewhere.

          • Anonymous

            01 Sep 2018 03:04  

            It's worth noting that if you're going for particular pieces (IE rares such as plates, gems, rubies etc), you roll 3x (1 per carve) on a kill, and 1 time on a capture.

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