Chief Botanist

chief botanist(1)
Race Wyverian
Gender Male
English Voice Actor: ?
Japanese Voice Actor: ?

Chief Botanist is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


You see, we Wyverians have a longer lifespan than humans. And when you live for so long, you become aware of certain things. How fleeting life can be, for instance. But plants are different. I can always count on them to be there, no matter how many years have passed."

Quests & Services

  • Chief Botanist's main purpose is to access Botanical Research, which allows you to cultivate or grow plants, insects, and other useful items. You can also use research points to buy fertilizers that will enhance cultivation effects or duration.
  • He is also an important character in The Witcher collaboration quest, Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest.



  • Chief Botanist came to the New World on the 4th Fleet, a fleet largely comprising of individuals skilled in management and logistics.
  • Chief Botanist says he works with plants because, "I chose to lead a life with plants so I wouldn't have to bear the pain of seeing my human companions come and go".


  • An ample amount of Chief Botanist's dialogue consists of him recognizing that a lot of other characters don't care about him. After rescuing the Ecological Researcher in the quest, Sinister Shadows in the Swamp, Chief Botanist says:
    • "By the way, I hear you went out looking for that missing scholar from Ecological Research. I know it wasn't part of the mission, but was anyone worried enough to look for me while they were out there? ...N-No? Aww... O...K...".
  • Another common line he says is:
    • "You don't mind calling me Chief, do you? I certainly look like one, wouldn't you agree? I wish the others would... *sigh*".
  • Chief Botanist warms up to the Hunter as they progress through the game, as shown in how he greets them over time. Going from beginning to end, he greets the Hunter with:
    • "...What was it you needed again?"
    • "So, can I help you?"
    • "...Now, were you just here to chat?"
    • "...Now, are you just here because you missed me?"
    • "Here for a visit, my shining star?"
  • The last line is especially interesting, as he is the only NPC in the game who refers to the Hunter as his "shining star", as opposed to the more commonly used "sapphire star" moniker for the Hunter.
  • Like many NPC's, he has special dialogue after completing the quest, Master Hunter of the New World
    • Completed Master Hunter of the New World, did you? Well, aren't you just awesome! What are you gonna do now? Go back home? To be honest, if you were having thoughts of going home, I was going to set the ship on fire so you cannot leave... Of course I'm just joking, Hunter! I would never do such a thing... Never... *ahem* Uh, in any case, I'll keep working hard to ensure you get more materials.

Role in the Main Story

  • Chief Botanist holds little importance to the main story.


  • In the Astera Gathering Hub during the Sizzling Spice fest, one of Hub Lass' dialogue is:
    • "Hmm, something's hiding in those plants... Where's that guy from Botanical Research?".
  • Considering Chief Botanist is the only male in Botanical Research, it can be assumed that he's "enjoying" Hub Lass' seasonal outfit.

 mhw fourth fleet concept art

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