Coral Orchestra

coral orchestraAn instrument of Trouper make, able to yield a variety of effects. Its melodies boost attack, defense or status resistances. Those effects increase with Proficiency.

Coral Orchestra is a Palico Gadget in Monster Hunter World (MHW)

How to get Coral Orchestra

This Palico Gadget is obtained by completing the Grimalkyne tribes sidequest in Coral Highlands. When obtained, it has to be equipped by the Palico in order to use it. Your Palico's efficiency with the gadget will start at level 1 and using the item during hunts will increases its proficiency, up to the maximum level of 10.


The Coral Orchestra provides your Palico the ability to play 2 two musical instruments, the Coral Cheerhorn and the Choral Cheerbongo.  Importantly, the Palico starts out with only the Choral Cheerhorn and will be unable to play the Cheerbongo until he has obtained a gadget proficiency level of 5. Your palico will automatically start playing an instrument at the start of combat and then, on average, every 20-45 seconds of in combat time (tested at a proficiency of level 10). The choice of the played instrument at each session is random. Playing an instrument takes about 5-10 seconds for your Palico, with the Horn being played faster.

At a gadget proficiency level of 6, the Hunter will obtain the ability to command the Palico to play the Coral Cheerhorn on demand, even outside of combat. At a proficiency of level 10, the Hunter also obtains the ability to command the Palico to play the Choral Cheerbongo on demand. Each of these on-demand abilities comes with its own cooldown of 3 minutes.

At a gadget proficiency level of 11, the Hunter will obtain the ability coral sonicboom which will stagger monsters. At gadget proficiency level 15, It can be used on command.

A Palico playing the Coral Cheerhorn

A Palico playing the Coral Cheerbongo

Coral Orchestra Effects

Playing either instrument will grant the Hunter and the Palico a short-duration buff. These buffs typically last between 90 to 180 seconds, depending on the effect. The buff effect is chosen randomly, although the Palico avoids playing for buffs that are already in effect. Additionally, both the Coral Cheerhorn and the Cheerbongo have their own set of unique buffs. This leads to the possibility that at a given time during combat, the Hunter and his Palico might have 6-7 active Coral Orchestra buffs. Although the availability of certain effects and the strength of each effect might depend on the Palico's gadget profiency level, here is a list of all effects characterized so far at a gadget proficiency level of 10.

Coral Cheerhorn Effects
Effect Power Duration
AttackUpAttack Up +15% (Equipped weapon only) 90 seconds
DefenseUpDefense Up +15% (Equipped armor only) 90 seconds
StaminaUseReducedStamina Consumption Reduced ? 90 seconds
AffinityUPAffinity Up +15% 120 seconds
NaturalRecoveryUpHealth Recovery Up ? 120 seconds
HealthIncreaseHealth Increased +30 HP 120 seconds
Coral Cheerbongo Effects
Effect Power Duration
DivineProtectionDivine Protection ? 120 seconds
EnvironmentalDamageNegatedNegate Environmental Damage ? 120 seconds
StunNegatedNegate Stun ? 180 seconds
ParalysisNegatedNegate Paralysis ? 180 seconds
WindPressureNegatedNegate Wind Pressure ? 180 seconds
EarplugSEarplugs (Small) ? 180 seconds
TremorNegationTremor Resistance ? 180 seconds


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    • Anonymous

      Haven't seen anyone pointing this out so I might just add it here myself. The HH song that extends duration of all active songs will also work on palico choral orchestra buffs, leading to you having a million different buffs at the time, if you don't let the buffs run out. Played with a friend some time ago and we had two palicos with Orchestra and all the buffs in the world, so like Earplugs (that also stacks to level 5 if played a 2nd time by the cat).

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes, very rarely, your palico will use the horn to heal some of your red health. Happened to me once

        • Anonymous

          Songs I've seen: Negaste Stun, Increased Affinity, Live Recovery, Stamina Use Down, Defense Up, and Earplugs. Not sure if that's all of them, and I expect the wiki to have this seemingly basic information. Specially considering how long the game has been out. Seems to be a pretty common theme here.

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