Crowns are Awards (not a physical item) in Monster Hunter World (MHW) for successfully hunting monsters of the largest and smallest sizes of each species.


How to earn a crown

Available crowns are miniature (gold), (giant) silver, and giant (gold); for hunting the smallest, next to largest, and largest possible size respectively. The crown will be awarded on the summary page upon either returning from the hunt or claiming rewards from the handler on an expedition.  If a crown-sized monster is successfully hunted, the rest of the hunt can be failed or withdrawn from (not abandoned) and you will still get the crown upon returning.  Special rewards do not have to be available for the request for you to get the crown.

Large Monsters

Every quest has the possibility of awarding crowns, but certain event quests increase the likelihood (or even guarantee) the chance of receiving one for its target monster(s).  Unless otherwise noted, each of the below quests have a generally increased chance of awarding a crown.  

Name Targets Chance %
USJ: Gold Star Treatment Great Jagras 100% (miniature), 100% (giant)
USJ: Blazing Azure Stars Dodogama, Azure Rathalos 100% (giant) dodogama, 100% (miniature) Azure Rathalos
Egg Lovers United Kulu-Ya-Ku 100% (giant)
The Proving (PS4 Only) Anjanath 100% (giant)
A Rush of Blood Odogaron 100% (miniature)
Coral Waltz Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Paolumu, Pink Rathian, Legiana  
Deep Green Blues Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Rathalos  
Effluvial Opera Great Girros, Odogaron, Radobaan, Bazelgeuse  
Wildspire Bolero Kulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth, Diablos, Jyuratodus, Rathian  
Rock N' Roll Recess Dodogama, Lavasioth, Uragaan, Azure Rathalos  
The Greatest Jagras A unique Great Jagras (tougher than normal) Great Jagras: 100% (giant), Devhiljo (100% spawn; higher crown chance)
The Name's Lavasioth! Lavasioth 100% (giant)
Down the Dark, Muddy Path Barroth 100% (giant)
Paolumu Lullabies Nightshade Paolumu (tougher than normal) 100% (miniature)
The Blazing Sun (Special Assignment) Teostra 100% (giant)
The Heart of the Nora (PS4 Only) Deviljho (x2) 100% (miniature), 100% (giant)
Yodeling in the Forest Anjanath, Rathalos, Nargacuga, Yian Garuga, Rajang  
Heavy Metal in the Waste Jyuratodus, Nightshade Paolumu, Glavenus, Black Diablos, Savage Deviljho  
Symphony of the Coral Paolumu, Legiana, Coral Pukei-Pukei, Ebony Odogaron, Zinogre  
Rotten Canzone Great Girros, Odogaron, Tigrex, Fulgur Anjanath, Acidic Glavenus  
Alt Rock Recess ???, Azure Rathalos, Brachydios, Seething Bazelgeuse  
A Chilling Entrance VelkhanaBlackveil Vaal Hazak  
Muscle Monkey Madness Rajang  



Endemic Life

With the Iceborne update, players can obtain miniature and gold crowns for capturing endemic life or as a potential reward for pawswapping with Grimalkynes.  When placing pets in your house, you can decide if you want to place miniature, regular, or gold crown sized pets.  Incidentally, this is the only way to tell how many crown-sized specimens you have.  If you frighten an animal away, many of them will come back if you wander a little ways away from the spot; be careful not to go too far or it'll spawn a new one.

Unlike obtaining a crown from a large monster, the player will be notified every time a captured small monster is of miniature or gold crown size. No silver crowns are awarded for endemic life and no crowns of any type are awarded for "great size" fish (in fact, you are never shown their size). Any animals caught prior to the Iceborne update will be "regular" sized and the smallest/largest will be the average size of that creature.  Endemic life crown sizes are not necessarily absolute, but rather within a percentage of the min/max size.  For example, you may capture a gold crown creature, only to capture one later that is .1 larger.  Therefor, the sizes listed below many not be the absolute size limits.

Monster Smallest Size Largest Size
Terrestrial Life
Shepherd Hare 109.71 163.20
Pilot Hare 131.66 195.84
Forest Gekko 45.44 83.75
Wildspire Gekko 45.44 83.75
Gloom Gekko 38.51 70.98
Moonlight Gekko 54.51 88.95
Vaporonid 64.14 116.54
Scavantula 42.42 62.32
Revolture 91.55 151.37
Blissbill 82.73 134.99
Dung Beetle 47.76 71.04
Bomb Beetle 48.36 71.04
Paratoad 63.84 94.96
Sleeptoad 63.84 94.96
Nitrotoad 63.84 94.96
Wiggler 166.30 226.58
Wiggler Queen 166.30 247.37
Carrier Ant 22.63 25.01
Emperor Hopper 34.26 62.24
Tyrant Hopper 33.77 61.76
Iron Helmcrab 114.20 169.87
Soldier Helmcrab 79.94 118.92
Emerald Helmcrab 114.20 169.87
Gold Helmcrab 114.20 169.87
Shiny Gold Helmcrab    
Copper Calappa 19.63 35.17
Gold Calappa    
Stonebill 77.82 125.31
Rime Beetle 35.48 52.12
Pearlspring Macaque 110.21 163.93
Goldspring Macaque 116.36 170.94
Crowned Prawn 101.38 148.94
Duffel Penguin 74.83 111.31
Arrowhead Gekko 64.64 105.46
Moly   106.42
Mossy Moly    
Rocky Moly    
Fluffy Moly   79.37
Spikey Moly    
Glacial Moly    
Frosty Moly    
Rowdy Moly    
Aquatic Life
Climbing Joyperch 117.05 174.11
Pink Parexus 73.50 100.15
Burst Arowana 99.58 135.67
Bomb Arowana 99.58 135.67
Andangler 95.60 152.70
Hopguppy 23.42 43.15
Petricanths 134.02 199.35
Whetfish 81.07 110.46
Gastronome Tuna 153.44 209.06
King Marlin    
Goldenfish 99.58 135.67
Platinumfish 99.58 135.67
Goldenfry 36.82 50.16
Sushifish 83.92 114.34
Gunpowderfish 37.43 51.00
Glass Parexus 73.37 98.73
Sealord's Crestfish 266.20 386.31
Airborne Life
Cobalt Flutterfly 12.33 20.39
Phantom Flutterfly 31.05 50.26
Omenfly 98.66 181.83
Augurfly 110.64 203.88
Scalebat 41.95 75.04
Gold Scalebat    
Elegant Coralbird 79.53 123.85
Dapper Coralbird 124.08 162.26
Virgorwasp 52.06 86.07
Giant Virgorwasp 97.18 144.55
Flying Meduso 55.87 102.16
Flashfly 82.08 90.72
Grandfather Mantagrell 693.02 1030.87
Moon Slug 43.18 79.58
Treetop Life
Woodland Pteryx 179.59 296.92
Forest Pteryx 179.59  296.92
Hercudrome 34.90 56.48
Gold Hercudrome 46.43 76.76
Prism Hercudrome 52.70 87.13
Blue Diva 175.06 283.32
 Unclassified Life
Downy Crake 27.87 40.95
Bristly Crake   81.90
Wintermoon Nettle 1259.46 1850.32
Cactuar* N/A - Base Size: 146.12
Cactuar Cutting* N/A - Base Size: 59.71
Flowering Cactuar* N/A - Base Size: 63.12

 * Always same size

Several food skills exist that can greatly increase your chance of successfly capturing specific endemic life


Critical Bounties

Many critical bounties exist for capturing specific endemic creatures for special rewards.  Some require you to capture rare or gold crown life, so it is recommended to acquire this bounty prior to actively hunting for one; the following are those bounties.

Target Conditions Rewards
Ancient creature of the New World (Petricanths)   Research Points (x800)
Delux First Wyverian Print
Phantom Bird (Downy Crake)   Research Points (x800)
Delux First Wyverian Print
Capture a creature from another world (Nekker)   Research Points (x800)
Nekker Card (Weapon)
Nekker Card (Armor)
Burst Arowana Capture Clear/Night Research Points (x600)
Goldenfry Mobile
Whetfish Capture  Foul Weather/Night Research Points (x600)
Whetfish Mobile
Augurfly Capture  Foul Weather/Night Research Points (x600)
Songbird Lamp
Glass Parexus Capture  Clear/Day Research Points (x800)
Marlin Mobile
Duffel Penguin Capture  Blizzard/Day Research Points (x800)
Angler Fish Lamp
Dapper Coralbird Capture  Clear/Night Research Points (x1200)
Jellyfish Lamp
Mysterious Animal Capture (Goldspring Macaque) Daytime Research Points (x800)
Sublime First Wyverian Print
Mysterious Fish Capture (Sealord's Crestfish)   Research Points (x800)
Sublime First Wyverian Print


Awards in Monster Hunter World
Adamant Pill  ♦  Ancient Potion  ♦  Antidote  ♦  Armor Pill  ♦  Armorcharm  ♦  Armorskin  ♦  Armorskin Drug  ♦  Armortalon  ♦  Arowana Bait  ♦  Banishing Ball  ♦  Barrel Bomb  ♦  Barrel Bomb +  ♦  Barrel Bomb L  ♦  Barrel Bomb S  ♦  BBQ Spit  ♦  Beautiful Scale  ♦  Binoculars  ♦  Black Crystal Ticket  ♦  Blast Coating  ♦  Boomerang  ♦  Bounce Bomb  ♦  Bounce Bomb +  ♦  Burnt Steak  ♦  Capture Net  ♦  Catalyst  ♦  Character Edit Voucher  ♦  Chipped Scale  ♦  Close Range Coating  ♦  Cool Drink  ♦  Dash Juice  ♦  Demon Powder  ♦  Demondrug  ♦  Dissolved Weapon  ♦  Downy Crake Ticket II  ♦  Dragonbone Relic  ♦  Drugged Meat  ♦  Dung Bomb  ♦  Dung Pod  ♦  Earplugs Charm   ♦  Energy Drink  ♦  Exhaust Coating  ♦  Farcaster  ♦  Felvine Bomb  ♦  First-aid Med   ♦  Flamenut  ♦  Flashyfly Cage  ♦  Glimmering Scale  ♦  Glowing Feystone  ♦  Goldenfish Bait  ♦  Great Gunpowderfish Scale  ♦  Gunpowder  ♦  Gunpowderfish Bait  ♦  Hardshell Powder  ♦  Health Potion  ♦  Herbal Medicine  ♦  Herbal Powder  ♦  High Commendation  ♦  Hot Drink  ♦  Hunter Runestone  ♦  Immunizer  ♦  Ivy  ♦  Kirin Ticket  ♦  Large Barrel Bomb  ♦  Large Scale  ♦  Lifepowder  ♦  Lucky Voucher  ♦  Lustrous Scale  ♦  Max Potion  ♦  Mega Armorskin  ♦  Mega Armorskin Drug  ♦  Mega Barrel Bomb  ♦  Mega Bounce Bomb  ♦  Mega Dash Juice  ♦  Mega Demondrug  ♦  Mega Health Potion  ♦  Mega Nutrients  ♦  Mega Potion  ♦  MegaDemon Drug  ♦  Melded Weapon  ♦  Might Pill  ♦  Mixed Herb (G R)  ♦  Mysterious Feystone  ♦  Net  ♦  Nutrients  ♦  Paint Coating  ♦  Paintball  ♦  Paolumu Wing  ♦  Paralysis Coating  ♦  Paralysis Knife  ♦  Pitfall Trap  ♦  Poison Coating  ♦  Poison Knife  ♦  Poison Smoke Bomb  ♦  Poisoned Meat  ♦  Potion  ♦  Power Coating  ♦  Powercharm  ♦  Powertalon  ♦  Rare Steak  ♦  Ration  ♦  Red Herb  ♦  SFV Ticket  ♦  Shieldspire  ♦  Shining Streamstone  ♦  Shock Trap  ♦  Sleep Coating  ♦  Sleep Knife  ♦  Smoke Bomb  ♦  Sonic Bomb  ♦  Sublimated Weapon  ♦  Sullied Streamstone  ♦  Tinged Meat  ♦  Tranq Bomb  ♦  Tranq Knife  ♦  Tranqulizer  ♦  Trap Tool  ♦  Vaal Hazak Fang +  ♦  Val Habar Quartz  ♦  Vigotwasp Spray  ♦  Warped Feystone  ♦  Watcher Lens  ♦  Well-Done Steak  ♦  Worn Feystone


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      14 Apr 2020 22:38  

      according to kiranico mhw database additional and story quests can not give you a gold crown, only some events and investigations, now unfortunately there is no any info about investigation chances on crowns like if there any chance at all if it bronze only etc

      • 10 Mar 2020 01:36  

        Supposedly "Lord of the Underworld" quest has a 100% spawn of a Arrowhead Gekko and "Every Hunters Dram II" has a 100% high chance of a Wiggler Queen. Not sure of the best place to put this information or how to verify

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