Damages Types in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are the different damage categories of the game. Both Raw (Physical) and Elemental Damage dictate the damage any attack does directly, while Status Effects convey damage and debuffs indirectly.

See Weapon Mechanics for an overview of all the factors that go into damage calculation.



Raw Damage

Attack Power, also known as "Raw" is the physical damage of a weapon. This is further subdivided into three types, against which Monster Body Parts have varying resistances.


cut-damage-mhwCut Damage

Sword slashes, lance thrusts, etc: Can be used to cut the tails off certain monsters.

blunt-damage-mhwBlunt Damage

Shield bashes, hammer smashes, etc: Reduces Monster Stamina and stuns them if  hit on the head.

ammo-damage-mhwAmmo Damage

Projectiles, Arrows, Bowgun: Special properties depending on the attack.



Elemental Damage

 If a Weapon wields Elemental Damage, it will often appear as one of five types against which Monster Body Parts have varying resistances. Some Weapons wield more than one type.




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      {(True Raw + Raw bonuses) x (1 + [(Crit Damage + Crit Boost if any) x (Affinity + Affinity Bonuses)])} x (Bonus modifiers like non-elemental boost) = Effective Raw
      {[(Effective Raw) x (Motion Value) x (Monster Physical Hitzone) x (Sharpness Modifier for Blademaster)] + (True Element x Monster Element Hitzone) x (Sharpness Modifier for Blademaster)} x (Multiplayer Defense Bonus) = Average damage per hit of that attack

      Damage calculation

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