Dash Juice

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Dash Juice is a consumable Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These useful items can be crafted from materials gathered in the field and brought along on hunts.


Dulls one's sense of exhaustion. Reduces stamina depletion for a time.

Dash Juice can be consumed from the Item Bar while in the field to completely restore Stamina, raise maximum Stamina by 50, and grant the Stamina Use Reduced Status Effect for four minutes, reducing Stamina use by 25%.

See Botanical Research for information on cultivating large amounts of crafting materials.
See Loadouts for information on configuring Item storage and use.


How to Acquire Dash Juice

This Item can be obtained by Crafting. Unlike many ingredients for consumable Items, the Dash Extract ingredient can only be obtained as a Quest reward and not through gathering or Monster carves.

Crafting with Dash Juice
Type Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 End Result
Healing / Support Catalyst Dash Extract Dash Juice



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    • Anonymous

      Didn't like DBs and Hammers in older games because I always felt like I was being suboptimal whenever I didn't bring Dash Juice, but now that it's just a little bonus and not a gigantic buff, I might enjoy playing these weapons. I know both weapons were always perfectly viable without it, that wasn't my issue, it just always irked me knowing that stamina management would be taken out of the equation if I just drank OP juice.

      • Anonymous

        thanks to the Iceborne DLC, you can just mindlessly farm guilding land and sacrifices trash material (mostly bone from monster) to get dash juice +amor/demon drug with no effor from melding. Dont change this Capcom

        • Anonymous

          Dash juice also increases the max stamina by 50 if you have the capacity to use it (Such as Stamina Cap Up).

          • Anonymous

            Did some extensive testing and this item gives a 25% reduction to ALL stamina loss, be that set loss like dashing, continuous loss such as demon mode, or loss due to blocking. This is almost as good as having 2 points in marathon runner AND 3 points in constitution AND 4 points in guard (without the impact reduction), which would instead give you a 30% reduction in each category. If you pair this with any of those it will cap you out at the 50% reduction max in their respective categories. You can also think of this as making your stamina bar 1.5x longer. (A 50% reduction would be like have a bar twice as long) If you are going with a Wide Range build take this (or mushroomancer 3), you will ALWAYS be helping, even if you have a dual blade with marathon 3 or a lancer with guard 5 I bet they will still like the reduction in evading cost. Even in your worst case scenario, a bow build with Con 5, you will help a little if they ever charge shots (like when applying status coatings) or just when sprinting.

            • Anonymous

              25 stamina reduction and stacks with constitution. HOWEVER there is a stamina reduction cap at 50%, so there is no point of using dash juice with constitution at max. You are better off getting constitution too 3 and then use dash juice. This gives you 55% stam reduc which reaches the cap of 50%. Like wise you can use mushroommancer and eat a Devil's Blight which has the same benifites of Dash Juice, and both alone will reach the cap off 50%.

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