Dragon Perforator I

Rarity 9
mhw-defense -
mhw-decoration  gem_level_2 gem_level_2
 Attack Power 264
 Affinity 0%
 Element Damage (180thunder-damage-mhw Thunder)
Coatings Close Range coating Close Range , Power Coating mhw-power 

Dragon Perforator I is a Master Rank Bow Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.



Dragon Perforator I Information



Dragon Perforator I Crafting and Upgrades

Dragon Perforator I has has 3 upgrade levels different upgrade levels. It follows the Ore path, detailed below.

  Rare Attack Power Affinity Element Damage Decorations Defense
Dragon Perforator I 9 264 0% (180thunder-damage-mhw Thunder damage) gem_level_2gem_level_2 -
Craft with: Eltalite Ore x2 Carbalite Ore x4 Spiritvein Crystal x2 Gracium x1
 Dragon Perforator II 10 276 0% (210thunder-damage-mhw Thunder damage) gem_level_2gem_level_2 -
Craft with:  Monster Slogbone x3 Eltalite Ore x4Meldspar Ore x2Bathycite Ore x2
Dragon Perforator III 11 312 0% (240thunder-damage-mhw Thunder damage) gem_level_2gem_level_2 -
Craft with:  Pure Dragon Blood x3 Eltalite Ore x6 Meldspar Ore x3 Purecrystal x1



Dragon Perforator I Upgrade Tree

Dragon Perforator I is part of an upgrade path for the Bow Weapon Tree.  Below is an excerpt of the relevant Ore tree.


Bow Ore Tree


Acidic Arrow I  ♦  Acidic Arrow II  ♦  Alluring Evelia  ♦  Alqaws al-Nasr I  ♦  Alqaws al-Nasr II  ♦  Anjanath Flamebow I  ♦  Anjanath Flamebow II  ♦  Azure Mightbow  ♦  Beast Thunderbow  ♦  Beastking Thunderbow  ♦  Black Planula  ♦  Cera Coilbender +  ♦  Cera Cyclord  ♦  Daora's Toxotes  ♦  Datura Squall I  ♦  Datura Squall II  ♦  Dawning Insight  ♦  Deathbow Vaal Velos  ♦  Dios Flier  ♦  Dragon Perforator II  ♦  Dragon Perforator III  ♦  Dragonseal Aldbow I  ♦  Dragonseal Aldbow II  ♦  Fate's Thread  ♦  Felbow Crimson Hail  ♦  Felbow Crimson Hail +  ♦  Felbow Crimson Storm  ♦  Flying Kadachi Strikebow +  ♦  Fulguring Bow I  ♦  Fulguring Bow II  ♦  Gigacles +  ♦  Gigantomachy  ♦  Glavenus Arrow I  ♦  Glavenus Arrow II  ♦  Hidden Bow  ♦  Hidden Bow +  ♦  Hoarcry Snowfletcher  ♦  Hunter's Bravebow I  ♦  Hunter's Bravebow II  ♦  Hunter's Bravebow III  ♦  Hydra Planula  ♦  Iceflinger  ♦  Icicle Blizzard I  ♦  Icicle Blizzard II  ♦  Laguna Shot I  ♦  Laguna Shot II  ♦  Legia Snowfletcher +  ♦  Mammoth Greatbow I  ♦  Mammoth Greatbow II  ♦  Mist Glacia  ♦  Night Flight  ♦  Nightmare String I  ♦  Nightmare String II  ♦  Princess Arrow IV  ♦  Rathslinger IV  ♦  Rex Bow I  ♦  Rex Bow II  ♦  Rosen Arrow  ♦  Thundering Strikebow  ♦  Tsali Flier  ♦  Usurper's Rumble  ♦  Usurper's Rumble +  ♦  Water Shot IV


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