Your weapon's elemental properties are nullified

Caused by

dragon-element-monster-hunter-world Dragon Element


dragonblight-monster-hunter-world Severe Dragonblight (not in MHW)

Cured by

ice-element-damage-monster-hunter-world Nulberry

Dragonblight is a status effect from an Elemental Damage type in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Monsters with Dragon Element will deliver powerful special attacks that can result in this status.


Dragonblight & Severe Dragonblight Effect

  • The player's weapon's elemental properties are nullified.
  • Severe Dragonblight causes ??


How to Cure Dragonblight


Monsters with Dragon & Dragonblight Damage



Status Effects
Abnormal Status Attack Increased  ♦  Affinity Up  ♦  All Ailments Negated  ♦  Attack Up  ♦  Blastblight  ♦  Bleeding  ♦  Blight Negated  ♦  Defense Down  ♦  Defense Up  ♦  Divine Protection  ♦  Dragon Element Resistance Up  ♦  Dragon Res Boost  ♦  Effluvial Buildup  ♦  Elemental Attack Boost  ♦  Evasion Enhanced  ♦  Fire Element Resistance Up  ♦  Fire Res Boost  ♦  Fireblight  ♦  Health Increase  ♦  Ice Element Resistance Up  ♦  Ice Res Boost  ♦  Iceblight  ♦  Knockbacks Negated  ♦  Muck Res  ♦  Natural Recovery Up  ♦  Paralysis  ♦  Paralysis Negated  ♦  Poison  ♦  Recovery Up  ♦  Resistant to Heat  ♦  Self-Improvement  ♦  Sleep  ♦  Stamina Use Reduced  ♦  Stun  ♦  Stun Negated  ♦  Thunder Element Resistance Up  ♦  Thunder Res Boost  ♦  Thunderblight  ♦  Tremor Negation  ♦  Water Element Resistance Up  ♦  Water Res Boost  ♦  Waterblight  ♦  Wind Pressure Negated  ♦  Wind Pressure Nullified



    • Anonymous

      19 Aug 2018 13:55  

      It stops them from using their special abilities potentially, for example val hassak will not use his effluvial attack as much

      • Anonymous

        08 Feb 2018 16:43  

        Does a weapon with Dragon Damage have a chance to apply dragonblight to monsters? and if so what effect does it have on them?

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