Effluvial Buildup


Effluvial buildup lowers your maximum health.

Effluvial Buildup is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This effect reduces a Hunter's maximum Health. Effluvial Buildup is a Player-and-Ally only effect and cannot be inflicted on Monsters.


Effluvial Buildup Effect

Effluvial Buildup is caused by attacks from Vaal Hazak and Blackveil Vaal Hazak. At a certain point, the effect will trigger, causing maximum Health to be reduced by 40% of its current value.

The effect can be recognized by this symbol: effluvialbuildupsmall on the HUD

Effluvial Buildup can be removed by consuming a Nulberry, using a Cleanser Booster, or negated entirely with either the Effluvia Resistance Skill or the All Ailments Negated buff.

Effluvial Buildup is not to be confused with the damage caused by the cloudy areas or acid pools found in the Rotten Vale. Resistance to these two hazards are granted by the Effluvial Expert Skill.


Monsters that can Inflict Effluvial Buildup


Status Effects
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    • I was talking with a friend about truncating numbers and seeing if Monster Hunter World does the same with heatlh and tested odd number healths with effluvia. We were perplexed when we had much more health each time than we originally expected, but as we tested more we realized it was only reduced by 40% of max.

      • Anonymous

        Guys, if they add Congalala. There will bring back the whole deodorant mechanic, which is very similar to this. If you never fought Putalala..I mean Congalala, he is a big pink gorilla that throws poop, farts constantly creating a "cloud" similar to Vaal Hazak's ground breath attack, and he has an ultimate where he sends mini congalalas to your house to cover it in feces while singing "I am the mighty mighty poo and I will throw my sh*t at you!" So be careful when this comes about in the game.

        • Anonymous

          Having half health from the effluvia being active also has an additional debuff of having your health remotely drained from Val hazak's wind up before his breath attacks.

          • Anonymous

            Btw, if you're here because you want to know if you have to have on effluvial expert if you have maxed effluvial resistance...the answer is yes, you do.

            • Anonymous

              You can eat a Nulberry to remove the effluvial effect. If you have gems or armor that resist effluvial build up you only need it to be at level 3 (3 items or gems) to remove the effect.

              • I've already beaten the game gotten every food ingredient and unlocked every camp and still this website has no decent information on any of these.

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                  So are you guys like ever going to post actual information in your pages, or do you just plan to leave it at ?? for the rest of the time?

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