Evasion Mantle

Increases the invulnerability window while evading and grants a temporary attack boost for evading a monster attack at the very last moment.

Effect Duration 90
Recharge Time 300

Evasion Mantle is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World. It increases invulnerability window when dodging (equal to Evade Window 5 plus an additional 5 i-frames) as well as an attack boost when you dodge an attack at the last moment.



How to Get Evasion Mantle

  • Unlocks after 7 different threat level 2 tempered hunts ( Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Diablos, Black Diablos, Bazelgeuse, Uragaan, Lavasioth, Legiana, Odogaron )
  • Complete : New World Sky, New World Flower



Evasion Mantle Notes

  • Attack boost lost when mantle is removed or expires
  • Does not work with barrel bomb.
  • Attack boost(+30%) last 20 seconds.




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    • Anonymous

      thanks for your amazing wiki, time and work put into this I do appreciate it I wouldn't know almost anything I know now if it weren't for you.

      • Anonymous

        IMO, these were the hardest tracks to find. Found this out by accident. Once you unlock one T2 tempered monster event, best way to unlock more is to equip your ghillie suit, start that event (odogaron is easiest since he just walks around) and just follow behind the monster collecting tracks. Collect enough and you will see that a new investigation has started. This works for all levels of tempered monsters. Odogarron tracks might open a quest for legiana, diablos, or any other T2 tempered monster. Breaking body parts also seems to open additional quests. Also, if you’re placing iceborn, you need to go back to original base to get the quest once you’ve killed 7.

        • Anonymous

          If you already have maxed out Evade Window, would this further improve dodging, or would the mantle do nothing?

          • Anonymous

            Tell you what temporal mantle is beast with dual blades with a vitally mantle or this, as a second endgame mantle.

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