Event Quest List for Monster Hunter World provides a current list of all Event Quests that have been released thus far for MHW. See the Event Quests page for a schedule for these rotating and time-limited activities, and to see a list of equipment that might only be obtained by participating in these events.

  • Arena Quests that give special rewards are also listed at the bottom.



Quest Title


Special Rewards

1 Up at the Crack of Dawm Slay 12 Kestodon High Machalite Ore rewards 1080
2 Chew the Fat Hunt 2 Great Jagras x2 guaranteed Armor Spheres 3240
3 USJ: Gold Star Treatment Hunt 3 Great Jagras (Giant and Small Crown) Players obtain Azure Star Shard 3960
3 Where Sun Meets Moon Hunt Tobi-Kadachi + Pukei-Pukei Players obtain Downy Crake Ticket 5400
4 Greeting the Gluttons Hunt Great Jagras + Pukei-Pukei + Paolumu Higher Voucher drop rate 7920
4 Timberland Troublemakers Hunt 2 Anjanath Players obtain Bristly Crake Ticket 8640
4 Ya-Ku With That? Hunt Kulu-Ya-ku + Tzitzi-Ya-ku x2 guaranteed Armor Spheres+ 4320
5 Lessons of the Wild (PS4 only) Slay 8 Barnos Players obtain Watcher Lens 2520
5 Every Hunter's Dream Hunt Paolumu + Rathalos Players obtain Master Craftsman's Blueprint 7200
5 Flesh Cleaved to Bone  Hunt Radobaan + Odogaron x2 guaranteed Armor Spheres+  7920 
5 The Poison Posse Hunt Pukei-Pukei + Rathian + Rathalos Players obtain Commendation 8280
5 Wicked Wildspire Warfare Hunt Diablos + 2 Barroth Higher Armor Sphere drop rate 9360
5 Kirin the Myth Slay 2 Kirin Players obtain Commendation 14400
6 Wiggle Me This Deliver 10 Wigglers Players obtain Wiggler Ticket 3600
6 Scrapping with the Shamos Slay 13 Shamos Players obtain Black Bandage 5400 
6 Egg Lovers United Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku (Giant Crown) Players obtain Kulu-Ya-Ku Ticket 7200
6 Midnight Mayhem Slay 10 Gastodon Players obtain First Fleet Ticket 8100
6 The Proving (PS4 only) Hunt Anjanath (Giant Crown) Players obtain Nora Brave Trophy 9000
6 Triple Threat Throwdown Hunt Great Jagras + Great Girros + Dodogama Higher Decorations drop rate 14040
 6 Gaze Upon the Dawn  Guide Zorah Magdaros Player obtains Commendation, Zorah Magdaros materials 15120 
6 A Flash in the Pan Hunt 3 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Players obtain Black Crystal Ticket 16200
6 Mosswinin' and Dinin' Hunt 5 Mosswine Players obtain Faux Ticket + Armor Spheres + mushroom items 54000
7 A Royal Pain Hunt Rathian + Pink Rathian Players obtain Faux Ticket 9000
7 Kings Know No Fear Hunt Azure Rathalos + Rathalos Players obtain Faux Ticket II 12960
7 USJ Blazing Azure Stars! Hunt Dodogama + Azure Rathalos Players obtain Azure Stargem 18000
7 A Rush of Blood Hunt 2 Odogaron (Small Crown) Players obtain Mega Man Ticket 21600
 7 This is How Revolts Start Hunt Diablos + Black Diablos x2 guaranteed Advanced Armor Spheres  
7 Rollin' With The Uragaan Hunt 2 Uragaan Higher Armor Sphere drop rate 23400
7 Coral Waltz Hunt Tzitzi-Ya-Ku + Paolumu + Pink Rathian + Legiana Higher Crown chance 26640
7 Deep Green Blues Hunt Great Jagras + Pukei-Pukei + Tobi-Kadachi + Anjanath + Rathalos Higher Crown chance 28800
7 Effluvial Opera Hunt Great Girros + Odogaron
 + Radobaan + Bazelgeuse
Higher Crown chance 28800
7 Wildspire Bolero Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku + Barroth + Diablos + Jyuratodus + Rathian Higher Crown chance 30240
7 Rock N' Roll Recess Hunt Dodogama + Lavasioth + Uragaan + Azure Rathalos Higher Crown chance 35280
8 Code: Red Slay Anjanath + Odogaron + Rathalos + Teostra Players obtain Red Orb 36000
8 SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce Hunt Deviljho + Odogaron + Lunastra Players obtain Senu's Feather 36000
9 A Simple Task Deliver 10 Gourmet Shroomcap Lots of Tempered monster tracks (lvl 1 & 2) 3600
9 Tracking the Delivery Deliver 10 Blue Beryl Lots of Tempered Elder Dragons tracks (lvl 3) 5400
9 The Greatest Jagras Defeat a fearsome Great Jagras (Giant Crown) Players obtain Faux Ticket III and numerous Decorations 12600
9 No Tomorrow for Usurpers Hunt Tempered Bazelgeuse Double HR gained 18000
9 Relish the Moment Hunt Tempered Deviljho Higher Augment Streamstones drop rate 21600
9 A Nose for an Eye Hunt Tempered Anjanath + Tempered Azure Rathalos Double HR gained 23400
 9 Keeper of the Otherworld!  Slay Xeno'Jiiva Player obtains High Commendation 23760 
9 Snow & Cherry Blossoms Hunt Tempered Pink Rathian + Tempered Legiana Double HR gained 25200
9 The Name's Lavasioth! Hunt a Tempered Lavasioth (Giant Crown) Players obtain Beetle Ticket and decorations 25200
9 Banquet in the Earthen Hall Repel Kulve Taroth Various Kulve weapons and Bushi Ticket 25200
9 A Visitor from Eorzea (Extreme) Slay Tempered Behemoth Players obtain Glamour prism 30240
9 The Heart of the Nora (PS4 only) Hunt 2 Deviljho(100% Minuature and Giant Crown) Players obtain Aloy Ticket 36000
9 Contract: Woodland Spirit Slay Ancient Leshen Players obtain higher quality Leshen materials and Mutagen 36000
9 A Whisper of White Mane Slay Arch-Tempered Kirin Players obtain Kirin Ticket 36000
9 The Deathly Quiet Curtain Slay Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak Players obtain Vaal Hazak Ticket 36000
9 The Scorn of the Sun Slay Arch-Tempered Teostra Players obtain Teostra Ticket
9 The Eye of the Storm Slay Arch-Tempered Kushala Daora Players obtain Kushala Daora Ticket 36000
9 The Heralds of Destruction Cry Slay Arch-Tempered Nergigante Players obtain Nergigante Ticket 36000
9 When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust Slay Arch-Tempered  Lunastra Players obtain Lunastra Ticket 36000
9 Undying Alpenglow Guide Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros Players obtain Zorah Magdaros Ticket 36000
9 The Fury of El Dorado Repel Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth Players obtain Kulve Taroth Emperor Nugget 36000
9 The Thronetaker Slay Tempered Nergigante + Tempered Teostra + Tempered Lunastra Higher Augment Streamstones drop rate 37800
9 Like a Moth to the Flame Slay Arch-Tempered Xeno'jiiva Players obtain Xeno'jiiva Ticket 43200

Arena Quests

2 Vespoid Infestation! Slay 30 Vespoid Players obtain Spring Insect Field Guide 2160
3 Down the Dark, Muddy Path Slay Barroth (Giant Crown) Players obtain SFV Ticket 1080
4 Challenge Quest 2: Beginner Slay Paolumu + Tobi-Kadachi Player obtains Pinnacle Coin 1080
6 Gajalaka Outbreak! Defeat 10 Gajalaka Players obtain Summer Insect Field Guide 4320
7 What Lurks in the Forest Slay Great Jagras + Anjanath + Rathalos Player obtains Hunter King Coin 3240
7 Empress in Full Bloom I 
Empress in Full Bloom II
Empress in Full Bloom III
Slay Pink Rathian Players obtain SFV Ticket II 4320

Gale & Fangs Slay Event 1

Gale & Fangs Slay Event 2

Gale & Fangs Slay Event 3

Slay Odogaron + Legiana Player obtains Hunter King Coin 3240

Deviljho Slay Event

Slay Deviljho Player obtains Hunter King Coin 3240

When Law Meets War

Slay Bazelgeuse Player obtains Hunter King Coin 3240
8 The Awakened Satsui No Hado I
The Awakened Satsui No Hado II
The Awakened Satsui No Hado III
Slay Nergigante Players obtain SFV Ticket III 4320

Nergigante Slay Event 1

Nergigante Slay Event 2

Nergigante Slay Event 3

Nergigante Slay Event 4

Slay Nergigante Player obtains Hunter King Coin 3240

The Best of the Best

Slay Teostra + Kushala + Nergigante Player obtains Ace Hunter Coin 6480

The Hunter and the Blue Empress

Slay Lunastra Player obtains Hunter King Coin 3240

Challenge Quest 1: Expert

Slay Tempered BazelgeuseTempered Uraguaan Player obtains Ace Hunter Coin 4320

Master Rank Event Quests

 1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Lord of the Underworld Beckons  Deliver 20 Underground Fruit Increased HR/MR points and various bone materials  9000
 1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Desert Desserts  Deliver 20 Hardfruit Increased HR/MR points and various bone materials  9000
 1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Pearl Snatchers Deliver 6 Pearlspring Macaque Obtain Pearlspring Ticket used to craft Pearlspring Alpha + (Helm)
Increased HR/MR points
 1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Bunch of Sticks in the Mud Hunt 2 Banbaro Increased HR/MR points 23,040
1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Skyward Snipers Deliver 5 Grandfather Mantagrells Player obtains Downy Crake Ticket II, guaranteed Downy Crake spawn 9000
 1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Trophy Fishin' Hunt 2 Beotodus Freezer Ticket used to make rare-9-mhw-greatsword-wikiFrozen Speartuna
Increased HR/MR points
 1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Fish to Whet Your Appetite Deliver 2 Great Whetfish Player obtains Whetfish Ticket 9000
1master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Fetching Light Pearls Deliver 8 Light Pearls Player obtains Herbivore Ticket I 9000
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Duffel Duty Obtain Penguin Ticket to craft Duffel Penguin Mask α + Obtain Fey Wyvern Gems
Increased HR/MR points
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Flora Frostbite Deliver 10 Iceblooms Special item Wyverian Ticket used to craft Wyverian Ears Alpha + 9000
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Every Hunter's Dream II Capture Coral Pukei-Pukei Obtain Wiggler Pot; 3 are needed to craft Wiggler Set Alpha + (Palico Set) 18000
2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Kadachi Twins Hunt Tobi-Kadachi (Miniature Crown) + Viper Tobi-Kadachi (Giant Crown) Obtain Scarf Ticket, used to craft Kadachi Scarf Layered Armor 25920
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Hunter-Blunderer Obtain Monster Toughbone
Increased HR/MR points
Special item Wyverian Ticket used to craft Wyverian Ears Alpha + 28800
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Balloon Fight Hunt Paolumu + Nightshade Paolumu Obtain Hard Armor Sphere
Increased HR/MR points
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A New Troublemaker in Town Hunt Anjanath  + Banbaro Increased HR/MR points 34560
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Colorful Carnival Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku + Tzitzi-Ya-Ku + Pukei Pukei + Coral Pukei-Pukei Obtain Fey Wyvern Gems
Increased HR/MR points
 2master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Camoflawed Hunt Rathian Player obtains Herbivore Ticket II 18000
 3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small 50 Shades of White Hunt a Barioth Obtain Fest Ticket used to craft Guild Palace weapons 25200
 3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Every Hunter's Dream III Hunt Nightshade Paolumu + Nargacuga Obtain Black Eagle Blueprint; 5 needed to
craft and upgrade Black Eagle charge blade;
2 needed to upgrade Wyvern Ignition "Impact"
 3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Curious Experiment Hunt Diablos  + Nightshade Paolumu Obtain Large Wyvern Gem
Increased HR/MR points
 3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Soaked and Shivering Hunt Coral Pukei-Pukei + Legiana Increased HR/MR points 34560
 3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Sky & Sea of Fire Hunt Rathalos  + Lavasioth Increased HR/MR points 40320
 3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Fired-Up Bruisers Hunt Glavenus  + Uragaan Obtain Monster Slogbone
Increased HR/MR points
  3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Seeing is Believing  Hunt Tigrex(100% Giant Crown) Obtain Spirited Canteen Ticket 25200 
 3master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small When the Swift Meets the Roar Hunt Tigrex and Nargacuga Obtain numerous decorations 40300
 4master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Beef is Never a Mi-steak Hunt Ebony Odogaron + Glavenus Meaty Canteen Ticket, used to craft Well-done Hammer and Juicy Well-done Hammer 43200
 4master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Desert Dash Hunt Black Diablos + Tigrex Increased HR/MR points 43200
 4master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Servants of the Vale Hunt Ebony Odogaron + Acidic Glavenus Increased HR/MR points 46080
4master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small In the Depths of the Forest Hunt Azure Rathalos + Fulgur Anjanath Obtain Monster Solidbone
Increased HR/MR points
5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Scores of Ores Hunt a Brachydios Pickaxe Ticket, used to craft Mad Scavenger Pickaxe and Demon Scavenger Pickaxe 30240
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small RE: Return of the Bioweapon Slay Blackveil Vaal Hazak Obtain S.T.A.R.S. Badge; 17 needed to craft
pendants, Leon α+, Claire α+, and delivery quests
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Reason Behind The Hunger Hunt Savage Deviljho Increased HR/MR points 36000
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Talk About a Party Foul... Hunt Seething Bazelgeuse Obtain Heavy Armor Sphere 36000
5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small USJ: Shine On Forever Slay a Velkhana Obtain Azure Era Seal, used to make Azure Era "Soaring Dragon"Azure Starlord Layered Armor,  Azure Era Alpha + (Palico Set) and Azure Era Wind Chime. 36000
5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small USJ: Ballet of Frost Hunt a Frostfang Barioth Obtain Large Azure Era Gem, used to make Azure Age Alpha + Set, Azure Era "Soaring Dragon"+ and Azure Star "Dragon Dance"+. 36000
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Chilling Entrance Slay Blackveil Vaal Hazak + Velkhana Obtain Sealed Dragon Cloth, used to make Sealed Dragon Cloth Alpha +. 45360
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Winter Blues Slay Velkhana  + Namielle Obtain Large Elder Dragon Bone
Increased HR/MR points
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small We Three Kings Hunt Kirin + Kushala Daora + Teostra Obtain Large Elder Dragon Gem
Increased HR/MR points
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Assassin Hunt Tempered Nargacuga  Upgrades Assassin's Hood Mantle 30240 
 5master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Talk About a Party Foul... Hunt a Seething Bazelgeuse Armor Spheres rewards 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small I Am Tranquil, I Am Sound Hunt Yian Garuga Increased HR/MR points 28800
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Into the Frozen Wilds (PS4 only) Hunt Zinogre Obtain Banuk Warrior Symbol for Stormslinger Prototype and Focus Pendant
Increased HR/MR points
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Moonlit Howl Hunt Zinogre Increased HR/MR points 28800
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Scars Tell the Whole Story Hunt Scarred Yian Garuga Bonus HR/MR points 34560
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Glance of Silver Hunt Silver Rathalos Increased HR/MR points 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Roar that Splinters the Sky Hunt Brute Tigrex Increased HR/MR points 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Razzled, Frazzled and Dazzled Hunt Rajang Bonus HR/MR points 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Moon is a Harsh Queen Hunt Gold Rathian Increased HR/MR points 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Survivor (PS4 only) Hunt Stygian Zinogre Obtain Bluegleam  - used to craft Adept Stormslinger, Shield-Weaver + Armor Set 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Red Dragon Slay the mature form of Xeno'jiva, Safi'jiiva Safi'jiiva Weapons (Awakened Weapons), Awakening materials, Heroic Red Horn (Pendant) 43200
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Shocking Climax Hunt Zinogre + Namielle Unity Symbol, used to upgrade to Dante's Devil Sword + and to craft other unique gear. 45360
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Naked Truth Slay Shara Ishvalda Obtain Inner Eye Ticket 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Tears From Nirvana Slay Blackveil Vaal Hazaak Obtain Black Bandana 43200
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Firebreak (PS4 only) Hunt Savage Deviljho Daemon Ticket, used to craft Banuk Alpha + Armor Set 45360
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Monkey Business

Hunt Furious Rajang(100% Miniature Crown)

Steamwork Fuel rewards, obtain Goldspring Ticket 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Brand New Brute

Hunt Brute Tigrex

Armor Spheres rewards, obtain Brute Tigrex Ticket (50% chance Miniature Crown, 50% Giant Crown) 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Muscle Monkey Madness Hunt 2x Rajang Buff Ticket, used for Buff Body Alpha + Armor Set, Gourmet Voucher, Mega Armorskin, Mega Demondrug 50400
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness Hunt 2x Furious Rajang(second Furious Rajang 100% Giant Crown) Obtain Buff Ticket+ 60480
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small A Farewell to Zinogre Hunt Zinogre Obtain Zinogre Ticket (50% chance Miniature Crown, 50% Giant Crown) 28800
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Heavy Metal in the Waste Hunt Jyuratodus+ Nightshade Paolumu + Glavenus  + Black Diablos + Savage Deviljho Higher Crown chance 67320
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Yodeling in the Forest Hunt Anjanath  + Rathalos  + Nargacuga + Yian Garuga + Rajang Higher Crown chance 73440
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Rotten Canzone Hunt Great Girros + Odogaron + Tigrex + Fulgur Anjanath + Acidic Glavenus Higher Crown chance 66600
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Symphony of the Coral

Hunt Paolumu + Coral Pukei-Pukei + Legiana + Ebony Odogaron + Zinogre

Higher Crown chance 65520
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Alt Rock Recess

Hunt Banbaro + Uraguaan + Brachydios + Azure Rathalos + Seething Bazelgeuse

Higher Crown chance 71280
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Ballad of the Hoarfrost

Hunt Beotodus + Viper Tobi-Kadachi + Barioth + Shierking Legiana + Stygian Zinogre

Higher Crown chance 67320
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Wolf Out of Hell Hunt Stygian Zinogre Increased HR/MR points 36000
 6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Wrath of Thunder Descends  Hunt Tempered Zinogre Higher Carved Feystone chance  34520
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Ode to the Destruction Hunt Tempered Ruiner Nergigante Great Spiritvein Gems rewards 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Don't Forget the Earplugs! Hunt Yian Garuga(100% Miniature Crown) Obtain Shepherd Hare Ticket 28800
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Evening Star Slay Alatreon Alatreon materials 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Dawn of the Death Star Slay Alatreon Alatreon materials 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Fade to Black Slay Fatalis Fatalis materials 57600
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Last White Knight Hunt Tempered Frostfang Barioth Obtain Frostfang Ticket 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small In the Tempest's Wake Slay Tempered Kushala High rarety decorations reward 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small Day of Ruin Slay Tempered Lunastra High rarety decorations reward 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Cold Never Bothered Me Slay Tempered Teostra High rarety decorations reward 43200
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Distant Dark Tide Slay Arch-Tempered Namielle Obtain Namielle Ticket 54000
6master-rank-icon-mhw-wiki-guide-small The Place Where Winter Sleeps Slay Arch-Tempered Velkhana Obtain Velkhana Ticket 57600


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        Where are these Alatreon quests *The Dragon of Doomsday *Capture the Curse *Double Nightmare *The Tempered Death

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