Felyne Azure Star Crown

Rarity 3
Defense Defense 12
Fire Resistance Vs. Fire 2
Water Resistance Vs. Water 2
Thunder Resistance Vs. Thunder 0
Ice Resistance Vs. Ice 0
Dragon Resistance Vs. Dragon 3
mhw-health-icon Health -

Felyne Azure Star Crown in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is a type of Palico Head Gear. Palico Gear does not vary in appearance and remains the same for every Palico, unlike human Armor, which varies based on the sex of your character. You also cannot upgrade Palico Armor.




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How to Craft Felyne Azure Star Crown




Felyne Azure Star Crown Notes

  • Derived from ?? monster
  • Stronger Element: ??
  • Weakest Element: ??
  • Builds that use this Armor: ??





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