Felyne Black Belt


Reduces stamina depletion from evading, blocking or doing certain other actions

 Felyne Black Belt is a Food Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Felyne Black Belt Effect

  • Reduces stamina depletion from evading, blocking or doing certain other actions


Grants the Stamina Use Reduced Status Effect, reducing Stamina use by 20%.



Activation Source

  • 4 Vigor ingredients



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    • Anonymous

      This skill actually acts like constitution in the way that reduces #fixed# stamina depletion. Stating that this skill grants the "Stamina Use Reduced " effect is a mistake since that would imply that it reduces continuous depletion AND fixed depletion which is not true.

      • Anonymous

        what's the stamina reduction percentage? i know the game caps you at 50% total stamina reduction from all effects and skills, but i can't figure out what black belt food does by itself.

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