Felyne Bombardier

food skill artillery

Increases ballista, sticky ammo, gunlance shell and Charge Blade Impact Phial damage.

 Felyne Bombardier is a Food Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Felyne Bombardier Effect

  • Increases ballista, sticky ammo, gunlance shell and Charge Blade Impact Phial damage.

    Increases damage by 10% for ballista, cannons and Gunlance shells, Wyvern Fire & Wyrmstake Cannon.
    Increases damage by 15% for Charge Blade Impact Phials and Bowgun Sticky & Wyvern ammo.



Activation Source

  • 4 Artillery ingredients



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    • Anonymous

      I just tested it. Bombardier DOES increase impact phial damage.
      Super charge did 80 damage per phial w/o food buffs (no bombardier/attack buff)
      Super charge did 92 damage per phial with bombardier (no attack buff)
      The damage increase for phials (at least for supercharge phials) is 15%.

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