Felyne Moxie


Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health

 Felyne Moxie is a Food Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Felyne Moxie Effect

  • Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health.

 Actual Effect

  • This skill once obtain will place a pointer on your health bar, This pointer is the threshold where Moxie will activate meaning if your health is above this pointer the skill will activate if an attack depletes all of your health from above the pointer. If it is less then the pointer the skill will not activate.
  • When this skill activates it will only negate being carted but you will still be in the battle with an empty health bar so it is highly recommended to heal right away after this skill activates.


Activation Source

  • 6 Resilience ingredients



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    • Anonymous

      Check to make sure you actually got Moxie from the food, if you did you might have either been chipped below before getting hit or you were afflicted with Poison, Misama (might?), Fire or any other environmental damage because it will kill you since you are left with 1 hp

      • Anonymous

        There is a red marker on your HP, if you get oneshotted above that marker, you survive with 1 HP. If you are below the marker, however, you die instead.

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