Felyne Specialist


Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.

 Felyne Specialist is a Food Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).


Felyne Specialist Effect

  • Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.
  • This does NOT affect Blast.



Activation Source

  • 6 Acumen ingredients



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    • Anonymous

      After doing extensive testing on various status weapons with varying levels of the relevant status bonus skill. I've found that Felyne Specialist doesn't grant 30 bonus status, it actually grants an extra 30 BASE status. this means that it indirectly raises the status cap of a weapon and also scales with the % modifier. to clarify total raw/element/status stats are calculated by the following formula:

      total stat = (weapon stat+augment+ other base bonuses) * scaling bonus + all flat bonuses.

      the result is then capped (weapon stat+augment+ other base bonuses) * raw/element/status cap modifier (for raw thats 2, for element/staus thats 1.6), eg. (weapon stat+augment+ other base bonuses) * 1.6. also for Status and element the result is rounded to the nearest 10 so if the calculation became 416, it would round to 420.

      since feyline specialist is considered a base bonus, its also increased by the scaling bonus and raises the status cap. Also, if Critical Status is equipped and the attack is a crit, the bonus status damage is not considered a stat bonus but a damage bonus and thus is not affected by the status cap (crit status lets you break the status cap limit)

      • Anonymous

        What does potency mean? Does it apply status faster? Is more status applied each time? Are the duration of paralyze/poison/sleep increased?
        And by how much?

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