Field Team Leader

Race Human
Gender Male
English Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer
Japanese Voice Actor ?
Location Astera - Tradeyard South

Field Team Leader is an NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


The Field Team Leader is in charge of assisting newly arrived Hunter Teams as they deploy onto the field, under the direct supervision of the Commander.

Quests & Services

The Field Team Leader gives the Hunter the following Assignments, and will join for the first few Quests of the Story. He will also engage the Hunter in some additional dialogue throughout the Story.



"You want to come along?" asked the Field Team Leader's parents when they returned to the Old World. He decided to stay. The New World is his home, and he wants to protect "the old man" and everyone in Astera. Now, he is fulfilling those desires.

The Field Team Leader is a pleasant young man who teaches by providing expertise on the expeditions. As a hunter, his skill is high, but he occasionally incurs the wrath of his own teachers when he shirks his studies, so he was not suited to being a researcher or handler.

The Field Team Leader was born in Astera and raised by his grandfather The Commander from the First Fleet. He takes his role of inducting new Hunters seriously, assisting them in their first Assignments in Astera and introducing them to the many new tools that have been developed.


Role in Main Story

The Field Team Leader will welcome the Hunter in Astera and support them during the first few Assignments they take. The Field Team Leader is a young man who skillfully manages the hands-on fieldwork done by the field teams. The Commander is his grandfather, and he is the sole member of the Commission who was born and raised in the New World. As an experienced hunter who was born in the New World, he provides everyone in the Fifth Fleet with varied type of information. One can also catch glimpses of his caring and kindness to the Commander too.



  • To expand the scope of research of the exploration of the Rotten Vale, he proposed converting the Third Fleet's vessel into an airship. Perhaps he inherited this penchant for bold ideas from the Commander.
  • The Field Team Leader learned swordsmanship from the Huntsman, who is an expert hunter, and also learned about science from the Chief Ecologist. Even though he is young, his abilities are the real deal.
  • Demonstrating the excellence in leadership that he inherited from the Commander he manages the Field Team. He not only leads expeditions, he also recruits personnel himself, and is actively engaged in making contact with all relevant departments as well.

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