First Wyverians

Race Wyverians
Gender Unknown
English Voice Actors ?
Japanese Voice Actors ?

First Wyverians are NPC in Monster Hunter World (MHW). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


Mysterious members of the Wyvernian race, they appear as they please on the Hunter path to help them. Holders of great knowledge, often lost to humans, they may still hide some secrets awaiting to be discovered.

Quests & Services

  • ?story_quest?
  • The "web" covered First Wyverian offer informations and statistics to the player, as well as items.
  • The "beetle carapace" First Wyverian offer items.



Important note: They DO NOT show on the map like other NPCs, but the green marker over their head is visible through walls when close enough. They share their spawn point. This list is currently incomplete



  •  Background, if any


Role in Main Story

  • They assist the Hunter during the main story, asking to reach the top of the food-chain in exchange for their help.



  • The most dangerous area in the Ancient Forest is sector 12, with 32% of player dying here, the safest is sector 1.
  • Someone completed A Thicket of Thugs 264 times and counting. "Why they do this, however, is beyond my comprehension."
  • The Dual Blades are the most used weapons in The Great Glutton. Someone did this quest 1378 times.
  • The most used weapon is the Long Sword with 18% of hunters using it.
  • The least used weapon is the Hunting Horn with ??% of hunters using it.
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  • ??
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  • After finding a First Wyverian in each region : "...You've bothered me in every region now. Well done you. I'd give you a medal, but I seem to be fresh out."



Admiral  ♦  Botanical Research  ♦  Commander  ♦  Ecological Research  ♦  Elder Melder  ♦  Endemic Life Researcher  ♦  Field Master  ♦  Field Team Leader  ♦  Grimalkyne Tribes  ♦  Lynian Researcher  ♦  Mysterious Hooded Man  ♦  Piscine Researcher  ♦  Poogie  ♦  Resource Center  ♦  Second Fleet Master  ♦  Shy Scholar  ♦  Steamworks  ♦  The Armory  ♦  The Handler  ♦  The Huntsman  ♦  Third Fleet Master


    • Anonymous

      09 Aug 2019 00:03  

      Now it's 28% in zone 9 in the Ancient Forest. Also, zone 9 was the most dangerous in another location but I don't recall which, possibly Elder's Recess.

      • Anonymous

        19 Apr 2018 10:33  

        So if your weapon happens to be the 'number one' in the world, what do they give you? I've only ever gotten comments like my weapon being third or fourth used. I usually got a powder from them.

        • Anonymous

          05 Apr 2018 01:19  

          I found one in sector 11 of the Vale during an investigation and it said "...Hunter? This is not the right time. You will know when the time is right." Anyone know what this means?

          • Anonymous

            14 Mar 2018 11:03  

            A couple locations I've found.

            Coral highlands sector 12 by the gajalakas through the tunnel on a ledge to the right heading towards the wind elevator.

            Rotten vail, spawing at camp 11, climb the wall up, past the mandagora shroom and on the right side across the gap before climbing up to zone 8, theres markings on the ledge he stand, also twas a beatle mask

            Ancient forest, spawning at camp 17 head to the felyn camp but drop down to the mandagor mushroom, head right past the god bug ran into him at the hole you drop a mile through to get to zone 6.

            Elders recess: found outside camp 1 to the right of the Barnos where the bomb beetle spawns standing on some rocks


            • Anonymous

              10 Mar 2018 20:46  

              They "most used weapon" and "least used weapon" will always change based on what the player base is using.... So putting them in the trivia section is wrong.

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