Food Ingredients in Monster Hunter World (MHW) are Items that can be combined and altered to create meals that give various Food Skills at the Canteen.

List of Food Ingredients in Monster Hunter World

Fresh ingredients grants a higher chance of Food skills activation as well as bonus HP for the Hunter and their Palico. (+10/+4 per fresh ingredient respectively, max at 5 for a +50/+20 HP bonus)


Courage Wyvern Thigh
Base Ingredient
Wyvern Skirt Steak
Base Ingredient
Wyvern Egg
Gettin' Yolked in the Forest
Wyvern Tail
Research Help: Woodland Pteryx Capture
Wyvern Head
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi
Wyvern Filet
Twilight Stone
Resilience Tough Meat
Flying Sparks: tobi-Kadachi
Thorny Meat
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi
Bullion Meat

Steeled Meat
Chef Quest! A Rotten Request
Wild Chicken
Dragonvein Amber
Marinated Carpaccio
The Meat of the Matter
Vigor Aptonoth Meat
Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink
Diced Steak
A Great Help delivery
Giant Sirloin
Research Help: Scavantula Capture
Big Bite Burger
Wicked Fossil
Giga Steak
Ancient Amber
Acumen White Liver
Base Ingredient
Barbecued Short Rib
Base Ingredient
Tangy Tripe
Chef Quest! Pumped to Deliver
Hot Heart
Platinum Pearl
Rich Rump
The Juicy Meat Resistance delivery

Grand Foie Gras True Beryl

Artillery Peon Turkey
Research Help: Carrier Ant Capture
Great Mutton
The Bone-In Roast Resistance delivery
Herbivore Egg
Gettin' Yolked in the Waste
King Turkey
It's a Crying Shamos
Magma Mutton
Research Help: Bomb Beetle Capture
Kaiser Turkey
Abyssal Beryl


Courage Ridgemane Tuna
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi
Serpentine Salmon
Tickled Pink
Courageous Eel
Research Help: Pink Parexus Capture
Research Help: Sushifish Capture
Ancient Seabream
Ancient But Fresh! delivery
Boorish Yellowtail
Chef Quest! Gajalaka Lockdown
Resilience Jumbo Whelk
Base Ingredient
Scallop Chips
Base Ingredient
Choice Abalond
Choice Abalone
Violet Abalone
Violet Abalone
Precious Abalone
Precious Abalone
Large-horned Turban
Mystical Fossil
Vigor Squad Sardine
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi
Samurai Tuna
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi
Gajau Gill
A Feast of Fish delivery
Gajau Liver

Shogun Tuna
Research Help: Goldenfish Capture
Fiery Seabream
Acumen Bent-backed Shrimp
Tickled Pink
Armor Crab
Tickled Pink
Coral Shrimp
Princely Prawns delivery
Fortress Crab
Deep Pearl
Queen Shrimp
Innocent Pearl
Millenary Crab
A Thousand-Year-Old Crab!? delivery
Artillery Osseoctopus
Tickled Pink
Pink Caviar
Tickled Pink
Lily Squid
Research Help: Wiggler Capture
Ballerina Octopus
Research Help: Gunpowderfish Capture
Soulful Caviar
What a Bunch of Abalone
Sovereign Squid
Research Help: Platinumfish Capture


Courage Magnicelery
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi
Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi
Jewel Cactus
Jewel Cactus
Kingly Cactus
Kingly Cactus
Fatty Tomato
Tomatoes Red As Magma delivery
Resilience Stonecorn
Tickled Pink
Steadfast Spud
Tickled Pink
Exquisite Shroomcap
Exquisite Shroomcap
Moonlit Mushroom
Moonlit Mushroom
Spirit Shroomcap
Spirit Shroomcap
Soiled Shroomcap
Fungal Flexin' in the Ancient Forest
Vigor Plumpkin
Base Ingredient
Cudgel Onion
Base Ingredient
Sunkissed Grass
Sunkissed Herb
King Truffle
Mushrooms: Nature's Smelly Bounty delivery
Acumen Aromaticelery
A Veggie Master of Disguise delivery
Prismatic Paprika
Phantasmagoric Paprika! delivery
Tainted Fruit
Tainted Fruit
Elysian Fruit
Elysian Fruit
Millionfold Cabbage
Million Zenny Veggie delivery
Artillery Kut-Ku Bean
Tickled Pink
Molten Mango
Tickled Pink
Emerald Durian
Legendary Fossil


Perception Tater Mud
High-Rank Base
Dragon Ale
High-Rank Base
Demontater Brew 
A Tingling Taste
Wyvern Amber Ale
Stuck in Their Ways
Goldenfish Brew
A Sore Site
Dragonkiller Sake
Research Help: Phantom Bird
Fortune Hunter's Brew
High-Rank Base
Star Brandy
High-Rank Base
Master Ale
A Master's Toast delivery
Ratha Whiskey
A Fire-Spewing Brew delivery
Astera Beer
RRRRRumble in the Waste!
Blessed Wine
Research Help: Capture the Ancient
Preparation Greathorn's Gulp
Quest "Trapping the Tree Trasher"
Auspicious Ale
Quest "Trapping the Tree Trasher"
Exquisite Butterbur
Fortified Honeywine
Millennium Butterbur
Entrancing Alembic
Snow White
Tequila de Locos
Delivery Request "Lively Spirits"
Trailblazer Glacial Vodka 
Quest "Nighty Night Nightshade"
Toasting Tequila
Quest "Nighty Night Nightshade"
Snowmelt Snifter
Moonlight Icebloom
Frostpeak Fizz
Snowpeak Icebloom
Crystal Quaff
Searing Spirit
Quest "Simmer and Slice!"


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    • Anonymous

      01 Feb 2020 00:20  

      Petalcryst can be found in Hoarfrost Reach During an "Upsurge: frozen foliage" in the lower left of area 8 when looking at the map, in a cave, near the usual Frozen Foliage icons you normally see. There are two entrances to the cave. The top entrance is located at the north entrance of area 2, when you get to the 3 way intersection from area 2, continue forward into the crawlspace into the cave. Go down the slope to your left and as you descend the next slope, the foliage should be right there sparkling and ready to gather. If you reach the Baitbug, youve gone too far. The second entrance is located along the downwards slope into Area 8 from Area 4 (the area with the (Collapsed Snowfield) Environmental trap). There are two small holes to crawl through along the left wall, opposite from the snow herb to the right (there may be a mining outcrop there dividing the two holes, so look for that). If youve gone past either the outcrop or the snow herb, youve gone too far. Crawl Through the hole and go right. Pass the plants, the 1st gathering point, and the honey and go to the slope leading up. You should see a baitbug a bonepile and frozen foliage at the base. head up the slope once and turn left and it should be there sparkling waiting for pickup. I hope this unnecessarily over-detailed description helps someone.

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