Food Skills

Ingredient Activated Skills

While you can select which skill you want, they only have a certain probability to be activated. The more fresh ingredients are used, the higher are the odds skills will activate. (Red Stars)  Vouchers and Gourmet Vouchers can guarantee food skills for you and everyone in your session.
Additionally, each type of food will grant bonus combat stats:

  • Meats increase Attack (x2 = S, x4 = M, x6 = L)
  • Fish increase Defense (x2 = S, x4 = M, x6 = L)
  • Vegetables increase Elemental Resistance  (x2 = S, x4 = M, x6 = L)
  • Alcohols increase nothing.

Attack and defense boost obtained from size of boost:

  • S=+5
  • M=+10
  • L=+15

For a list of ingredients in each category and how to obtain them, see the Canteen page.



Felyne Polisher
Often speeds up sharpening time.

Felyne Rider
Makes it 25% easier to mount monsters.
Felyne Slugger
Makes it easier to stun monsters.
Resilience Felyne Acrobat
Allows to recover quickly when sent flying.
Felyne Feet
Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt.
Felyne Moxie
Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health
Vigor Felyne Riser (Hi)
Greatly extends invulnerability period when getting up.
Felyne Black Belt
Reduces stamina depletion by 20% from evading, blocking or doing certain other actions
Felyne Heroics
Increases attack by 35% and defense by 50% when health is dangerously low.
Acumen Felyne Groomer
Halves the effect duration of Defense Down and speeds up blight recovery.
Felyne Medic
Increases health recovery by 10% from items.
Felyne Specialist
Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.
Artillery Felyne Sharpshooter
Increases the power of normal shots (Normal S) and normal arrows by 10%
Felyne Bombardier
Increases ballista, sticky ammo and gunlance shell damage.
Felyne Pyro
Upgrades Large Barrel Bombs to Mega Barrel Bombs
Perception Felyne Iron Carver
Prevents knockbacks while carving.
Felyne Exchanger
Increases the number of research points you receive at the end of a quest.
Felyne Carver (Hi)
Often increases the number of times you can carve.
Fortune Felyne Harvester
Reduces the time between gathering point respawns by 10%
Felyne Fat Cat
Increases the amount of zenny you receive at the end of a quest.
Lucky Cat
Sometimes increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest.
Preparation Felyne Cleats
Allows for normal movement speed even in special terrain.
Felyne Tailor
Shortens the cooldown before specialized tools can be reused.
Felyne Safeguard
Prevents your group from being penalized the first time a member faints.
Trailblazer Felyne Gardener
Reduces the time before certain endemic life reappear.
Felyne Scavenger
Causes certain endemic life to drop slinger ammo when caught.
Felyne Zoomaster
Makes rare endemic life more likely to appear.

Daily Skills

Daily skills change between each quest. If the selected platter trigger Ingredients activated skills, they will override daily skills from top to bottom.

  • Felyne Cliffhanger (Decreases stamina depletion when evading on walls or ivy by 25%)
  • Felyne Fur Coating (Prevents or lessens the effects of blights and environmental damage.)
  • Felyne Booster (Temporarily increases attack by 9 and defense by 15 at the start of a quest for 10 minutes.)
  • Felynebacker (Prevents being knocked back when transporting item.)
  • Felyne Provoker (Draws monsters' attention, increasing the likelihood of being targeted.)
  • Felyne Researcher (Unlock investigations more easily during expeditions.)
  • Felyne Defender (Lo) (13% chance reduce damage taken by 30%)
  • Felyne Defender (Hi) (25% chance reduce damage taken by 30%)
  • Felyne Temper (Increases bowgun damage, but also increases deviation.)
  • Felyne Escape Artist (Decreases stamina depletion when fleeing from large monsters by 50%.)
  • Felyne Weakener (Large monsters encountered on quests have an increased chance of being weaker than normal.)
  • Felyne Insurance (Prevents your group from being penalized the first time a member faints.)
  • Felyne Deflector (Helps your weapon retain sharpness when attacks are deflected.)
  • Felyne Bulldozer (Increases attack power when you strike right after an attack is deflected.)
  • Felyne Trainer (Speeds up Palico growth.)
  • Felyne Fisher (Increases the likelihood that fish will bite when fishing.)
  • Cool Cat (Temporarily increase attack by 9 for 30 seconds when you use the Sit gesture (previously Kick Back) for 5 seconds)
  • Felyne Sprinter (Dashing depletes less stamina when transporting an item.)
  • Felyne Gripper (Prevents some attacks from knocking you off of walls or ivy.)
  • Felyne Weathercat (Foul weather occurs more often during a quest.)
  • Felyne Lander (Prevents stumbling when jumping down from high places.)
  • Felyne Parting Gift (Restores 100 health to allies in the area upon fainting)
  • Felyne Dungmaster (Increases the likelihood that a monster will flee when hit with a dung pod.)
  • Felyne Foodie (Food effects remain active even after you faint in battle.)
  • Felyne Biologist ( Makes rare Endemic Life slightly more likely to appear.)
  • Felyne Microzoologist (Makes small Endemic Life slightly more likely to appear.)
  • Felyne Macrozoologist ( Makes large Endemic Life slightly more likely to appear.)


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    • Anonymous

      holy **** so many shittie feline skills, only booster defender and insurance actually really matter unless very specific situations lol

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure what is meant by “they will override daily skills from top to bottom.” Whether this means top-to-bottom on the daily skills list, or the list on this page. Either way, it’s inaccurate. I’ve had my third and first daily skills be my remaining skill numerous times.

        • Anonymous

          missing Microzoologist and Macrozoologist. Increased chance of tiny crown or large crown endemic life respectively

          • Anonymous

            you know you've dug yourself to the deep end of the monster hunter hole when you're looking up food skills

            • Anonymous

              Missing Felyne Foodie - On death, food effects stay, such as food buffs (including Felyne Foodie itself), health and stamina boosts, and attack/defense/elemental res.

              • Anonymous

                For Booster, I think the temporary increase in attack and defense is obtained every time you eat - not just at start of quest.
                Other daily skills I have seen - and what I think it means
                Riser (Lo)
                Foodie = Food skills remain in effect for entire quest even if you faint
                Dungmaster = Easier to chase away monsters with dung pods
                Lander = No hand touch to ground after jumping from a high point. Can just move immediately
                Fisher = Easier fishing (I think just mechanics of fishing - like obvious, longer bite and quicker landing of big fish. Does not seem to have any effect on type of fish encountered)
                Weathercat = More likely to have bad weather at start of quest
                Sprinter = reduces stamina consumption when running away from monsters (only large monsters?)
                Insurance = Rewards only reduced by first faint of any member of the party.
                Weakener (?) [Not sure about this name] = More likely to have weak large monsters appear

                • Anonymous

                  These guys on reddit have alot of stuff to help update and they are still working on it! (Especally food) They have a spreadsheet you can check out:

                  This site has about the same things but there are differences that you wiki guys could use:

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