Full Bloom Fest is a seasonal festival in Monster Hunter World (Iceborne). During the Full Bloom Fest, players will enjoy discounted pricing, additional quest rewards, increased availability of Event Quests and more.

For a limited time, the Lunar Terrace and its staff will serve all hunters in vivid seasonal outfits.

  • A special seasonal platter will also be available, packed with fresh ingredients. These ingredients are on the house!
  • Get the Handler and your Poogie into the spirit of things with special outfits! Check the Notice Board for the Full Bloom Fest availability.
  • The Handler's special outfit is only available during the event. To change outfits, talk to the Housekeeper and select "Change the Handler's Outfit". The poogie's seasonal outfits can still be used even after the event ends.

During the Full Bloom Fest, many facilities and features provide some extra perks!

Full Bloom Fest Activities

  1. Sales: During a fest, each facility features daily sales
  2. Event Quests: Event quests available only during the Full Bloom Fest and other challenge quests are available. In addition, during a fest, most of the past event quests are available again! If you missed out the first time, make sure to try again for a chance at special equipment!
  3. Login Bonus: Not only will you get two lucky vouchers during a fest instead of one, you'll also receive a special Full Bloom Ticket! The ticket is used to craft the Rose Alpha + Armor Set.
  4. Limited Bounties: Weekly Limited Bounties will change on a daily basis during fests, and will reward you with Snowman items or Full Bloom Tickets. Snowman is a consumable item. Use them when you're on a quest or expedition. You can craft more of them by using a Full Bloom Ticket when talking to the Elder Melder.
  5. VIP Full Bloom Ticket: During the event, you can obtain VIP Full Bloom Tickets from Low-Level Hunter Helper Rewards, or from Special Rewards from master rank quests and expeditions. Also, if you have the Rose Alpha + Armor Set equipped and activate its bonus skill, you'll have a much greater chance to get tickets from the rewards!. Some layered armor, charms, and decor can only be forged with these special tickets, so don't miss out!
  6. Steamworks: Help out at the Steamworks during the event to obtain special Complimentary Items!
  7. Lynian Observatory: New Observation Logs have been added. Talk to the Lynian Researcher to find out more!
  8. Room Decor: New Room Decor was added in celebration of the Full Bloom Fest! Check it out by speaking to the Housekeeper in your Seliana room.


Full Bloom Fest Weapons & Armor

Full Bloom Fest New Weapons and Armor

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