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Guilds Cards are profiles that hunters can share between them, the Guild Card contains numerous information about the hunter and hunting records. Hunters share their Guild Cards as proof of friendship or to stay in touch with each other.



Guild Card Profile

 When opening someone's Guild Card, you see the Hunters Guild Card profile, only this part of the Guild Card can be edited. The Guild Card profile shows numerous information.

  • Hunter's Title

Hunter's can choose to assemble a title with the help of different available words, a great amount of titles are available from the start but a lot more titles are obtained from progression, hunting feats or completing goals. You can find a list of all available titles and how to unlock them here

The Hunter's Title stays on the Guildcard when changing page of the Guildcard.

If the Player didn't choose any Title, the following will show: Fledgling Hunter

  • Hunter information

The Guild Card profile shows numerous information about the hunter, including Hunter Rank, Hunter's Name, Players online ID, (on PC) Player's primary Steam group or (on Consoles) Players Squad. Another stat shown on the Guild Profile is the Unity count, the Unity count shows much the Hunter played while playing with hunters they have their Guild Card shared. When looking at the Player's Guild Card list, the Unity count will represent how much the Player has hunted with the Players from the Guild Card list(the Unity count starts the moment the Player gets the other player Guild Card).

  • Hunter Equipment

The Guild Profile will show the Hunter's equipment, the equipped armor will switch between equipped armor and equipped layered armor. The shown equipment is always the one that the Hunter has equipped unless they choose to lock the currently equipped gear (and won't change if the hunter changes equipment).

  • Completed Quest

The amount of Low Rank, High Rank, Master Rank, Investigations, Arena Quests and Guiding Lands completed by the hunter will be displayed on the Guild Card profile.

  • Greeting

The Player can leave a greeting, or a text to players looking at their Guildcard, one Sticker (including the ones the player purchased) can be added to the greeting text.

If the Player didn't make any greeting, the following will show: Let's hunt together! (with the thumbs up sticker).

  • Guild Card Background

The Player can choose a background to their Guild Card, more backgrounds are unlocked with progress or by completing certain feats. You can find a list of all available Guild Card Backgrounds here

If the player didn't choose a background yet, The New World background will be selected.

The Guildcard Background will still show behind watching the other pages of the Guild Card.

Guild Card Poses

The Player can choose a pose to display with his palico on the Guild Cards profile, the player can zoom in or out and move the pose on the Guild Card. More poses are available (see under).

If the player didn't choose a background yet, the Crossed Arms pose will be selected

Pose Unlock
 Crossed Arms, Crouching, Flexing, Show Off, Cool, Cutesy, Chic, Sitting Down, Fist Pump, Kicking Back, Playing, Standout Available from Start
Shoryuken & Hadoken(Street Fighter collaboration), Ebony & Ivory(Devil May Cry collaboration), Rise Up(?? collaboration), Nice Control! (?? collaboration), Silent Gaze. Silent Blade(Witcher collaboration), Survival, Horror(Metal Gear Solid collaboration), Reminising (?? collaboration)  Available via download when collaboration quest is available
Dragoon Pose, Hildibrand. Agent of Enquiry Slay the Behemoth
Becoming the Assassin Obtain Bayek Layered Armor or Assassin's Hood
The Witcher 3: White Wolf Slayed a Leshen
Splendid Dance Participate in the Spring Blossom Fest
Graceful Swim Participate in the Summer Twilight Fest
Out of Trick Participate in the Autumn Harvest Fest
The Purrfect Reveal! Participate in the Winter Star Fest
Time to Dance! Participate in the Appreciation Fest
Powerhouse, Cute Pose, Clever, Move out!, The Only Way is Forward, Playful, Jump in Excitement!, Sitting Straight, Moment of Peace, Best Buds, I Can See My Hut From Here, Surpris Attack, Hand in Hand. Reached Master Rank 1
Clash of Fists Participated in the Holiday Joy Fest
Attractive Couple  Participated in the Full Bloom Fest
In the Darkness Participated in the Fun Fright Fest
Timeless Meeting Participated in the Grand Appreciation Fest
Courageous Hunter, Skilled Hunter Complete the quest "To Our World"


Guild Card Weapon Usage

The second page of the Guild Card will track the weapon usage of the Hunter, some players will try to get the highest amount of usage from one weapon where others will try to have all weapons on a balanced use. A few rules apply to the weapon usage count:

  • Completing a quest with multiple target monster will count as one weapon usage.
  • Gathering quests also count towards the weapon count usage.
  • Returning from a quest will count as one weapon usage, doesn't apply for expeditions.
  • Abandoning a quest won't count as one weapon usage.
  • Expedition hunts don't count towards weapon usage count.
  • Guiding Lands expeditons with at least one monster kill/capture will always only count one weapon usage upon return even if multiple monsters are killed/captured.

Guild Card Palico Info

All palico info can be found on the third page of the Guild Card. Palico stats, equipment, unlocked gadgets level are shown.

All the befriended tailraiders level is also listed.

Guild Card Medals

Medals or Achievements are listed on the fourth page of the Guild Card. The player can track his progression towards platinum here. See here to the list of all achievements and how to complete them.

Guild Card Arena Records

Fifth page of the Guild Cards shows all of the Players Arena Records. All top 5 times will be shown accompanied with date and (if the time was done with another hunter).

Challenge quests are not included in this page.

Guild Card Hunting Log

The Hunting Logs are on the sixth page of the Guild Card. This page shows info about all monsters the player hunted, for each monster, including; amount hunted, amount captured, smallest size, biggest size and research level.

This page is useful to quickly check crowns or hunted count.

Guild Card Guiding Lands Research Level

The seventh page of the Guild Card shows stats and info about the hunter's Guiding Lands, including: time spent in Guiding Lands, hunts completed in Guiding Lands, Special Tracks analyzed, Players Guiding Lands region levels, Players Rescource Info(Guiding Lands Bonepiles and Mining Outcrops).





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