Impact Mantle

Adds a stun effect to most attacks or increases the potency of an existing stun effect.

Effect Duration 90
Recharge Time 360

Impact Mantle is a type of Specialized Tool in Monster Hunter World. It adds a stun effect to most attacks.



How to Get Impact Mantle



Impact Mantle Notes

  • Can only be equipped for a certain amount of time. Once this time has elapsed, there is a cool down period before it can be equipped again.
  • The weapon attacks already applying stun buildup receive a 1.3 stun buildup multiplier.
  • The weapon attacks that don't apply stun buildup get a base buildup value added depending on the attack's power;
    • Motion Value base damage from 1 to 10: +7 stun build up.
    • Motion Value base damage from 11 to 30: +15 stun build up.
    • Motion Value base damage from 31 to 60: +30 stun build up.
    • Motion Value base damage from 61+: +40 stun build up.




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    • Anonymous

      Should be noted that the mantle is available when speaking to the armory at Astera, after beating this quest.

      • Anonymous

        One thing to add, I did a Tempered Pink Rathian Master Rank, which is a considered a threat level 1, and it did not count towards me getting the quest. So 5 different tempered threat level 1 HIGH RANK monsters, not Master Rank. 1x Rathian (HR T1) 1x Paolomu (HR T1) 1x Pink Rathian (MR T1) 1x Radobaan (HR T1) 1x Barroth (HR T1) 1x Pukei-Pukei (HR T1) - only after completing this one I got the quest. hope this info helps.

        • Anonymous

          Actually feels like cheats with the bow, the monster just stands still getting infinite staggered and ko'd! If only the cooldown was shorter.

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