King Marlin




Ancient Forest

Hoarfrost Reach

Type Aquatic

The King Marlin is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.

A fish with a jaw shaped like a sword. Inhabits warm waters, and cannot be seen during cold nights


 I knew that these are known to approach the shore in search of prey, but great job catching it! And not losing your pole in the process!

King Marlin Location

  • Ancient Forest, sector 4 rarely spawn during daytime.
  • Hoarfrost Reach,  northern part of sector 9  (spawn chance ???) (time of day ???)


King Marlin Capturing Rewards

You can capture King Marlin by using the Fishing Rod and succeeding in the fishing mini-game.

  • House placing: Pond
  • Other rewards: 180 RP (560RP if Great Size),

King Marlin Notes

  • ?



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