King Marlin




Ancient Forest

Hoarfrost Reach

Type Aquatic

The King Marlin is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter World (MHW). These animals are found out in the field, and can be captured by dedicated Hunters looking to research the New World.

A fish with a jaw shaped like a sword. Inhabits warm waters, and cannot be seen during cold nights


 I knew that these are known to approach the shore in search of prey, but great job catching it! And not losing your pole in the process!

King Marlin Location

  • Ancient Forest, sector 4 rarely spawn during daytime
  • Hoarfrost Reach,  northern part of sector 9(from camp 7, jump in the hole right from the exit, follow the tunnel with the penguin).


King Marlin Capturing Rewards

You can capture King Marlin by using the Fishing Rod and succeeding in the fishing mini-game or with the capture net.

  • House placing: Pond
  • Other rewards: 180 RP (560RP if Great Size),

King Marlin Notes

  • Sizes: 208.65 ~ 284.28



Endemic Life
Andangler  ♦  Arrowhead Gekko  ♦  Augurfly  ♦  Blissbill  ♦  Blue Diva  ♦  Bomb Arowana  ♦  Bomb Beetle  ♦  Bristly Crake  ♦  Burst Arowana  ♦  Cactuar  ♦  Cactuar Cutting  ♦  Carrier Ant  ♦  Climbing Joyperch  ♦  Cobalt Flutterfly  ♦  Copper Calappa  ♦  Crowned Prawn  ♦  Dapper Coralbird  ♦  Downy Crake  ♦  Duffel Penguin  ♦  Dung Beetle  ♦  Elegant Coralbird  ♦  Emerald Helmcrab  ♦  Emperor Hopper  ♦  Flashfly  ♦  Flowering Cactuar Cutting  ♦  Fluffy Moly  ♦  Flying Meduso  ♦  Forest Gekko  ♦  Forest Pteryx  ♦  Giant Vigorwasp  ♦  Glass Parexus  ♦  Gloom Gekko  ♦  Gold Calappa  ♦  Gold Helmcrab  ♦  Gold Hercudrome  ♦  Gold Scalebat  ♦  Golden Helmcrab  ♦  Goldenfish  ♦  Goldenfry  ♦  Goldspring Macaque  ♦  Grandfather Mantagrell  ♦  Great Goldenfish  ♦  Great King Marlin  ♦  Gunpowderfish  ♦  Hercudrome  ♦  Hopguppy  ♦  Iron Helmcrab  ♦  Moly  ♦  Moon Slug  ♦  Moonlight Gekko  ♦  Mossy Moly  ♦  Nekker  ♦  Nitrotoad  ♦  Omenfly  ♦  Paratoad  ♦  Pearlspring Macaque  ♦  Petricanths  ♦  Phantom Flutterfly  ♦  Pilot Hare  ♦  Pink Parexus  ♦  Platinumfish  ♦  Prism Hercudrome  ♦  Revolture  ♦  Rime Beetle   ♦  Rocky Moly  ♦  Rowdy Moly  ♦  Scalebat  ♦  Scavantula  ♦  Sealord's Crestfish  ♦  Shepherd Hare  ♦  Shiny Gold Helmcrab  ♦  Sleeptoad  ♦  Soldier Helmcrab  ♦  Stonebill  ♦  Sushifish  ♦  Tsuchinoko  ♦  Tyrant Hopper  ♦  Vaporonoid  ♦  Vigorwasp  ♦  Whetfish  ♦  Wiggler  ♦  Wiggler Queen  ♦  Wildspire Gekko  ♦  Wintermoon Nettle  ♦  Woodland Pteryx


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    • Anonymous

      I’m currently setting myself a challenge, no zoomaster catch as I call it; Catch 2 Petricanth, two king marlins and two sealord crestfish (wish me luck guys this is gonna be tough lol)

      • Anonymous

        I finally found one and then the Kestodons respawned and interrupted me as I was about to reel in. Love this game

        • If you go to the Ancient Forest chasing KM crowns, I highly recommend doing in on High Rank. They seem to spawn about as often as Master Rank, but MR spawns are almost 50/50 if it'll be the great variety or normal; additionally, in HR, the king varieties always spawn along side their normal variants, which is not the case in MR.

          • Anonymous

            Has anyone been able to acquire a gold or mini crown for this thing? I swear the great marlins spawn as often as the regular ones now and they all seem to be average size.

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