Loadouts in Monster Hunter World (MHW) allow a Hunter to store configurations of Items , Equipment, and even control schema. They can be used to quickly prepare for any situation.


Both Item and Equipment Loadouts can be equipped at any Item Box or Campsite tent, while control scheme Loadouts can be equipped at any time from the Start Menu > System > Options > Controls.
While in the Manage Items, Change Equipment, or Control Settings menus, the input to go to Manage Loadouts is options-ps4-controls / controls-xbox-menu / X

To browse Equipment Loadouts that other Hunters have shared, see Builds.

For details on how Equipment performs in combat with Monsters, see Weapons, Weapon Mechanics, Defense, and Elemental Resistance.
For information on improving your Weapons and Armor, see Augmentations and Upgrades.

Viewing Item Loadouts with associated controls

Viewing Equipment Loadouts with associated controls



Item Loadouts

What is Stored?

Item Loadouts store the contents of the Hunter's Item Pouch, including the Ammo/Coatings portion and its exact arrangement. The arrangements of the Item Pouch, Item Bar, and Ammo Bar can be managed independently of each other. The configuration of the Radial Menu is also stored.


Configuring Item Loadouts

While viewing the Item Pouch via the Item Box or the Start Menu's Items and Equipment tab, the Item Bar can be viewed with Triangle / Y / R, and the Ammo/Coatings Bar can be viewed with L1, R1 / L1, R1 / Q,E while the Item Bar is open. Slots in the Pouch/Bars can be rearranged with Square / X / F, N.

While viewing the Radial Menu from the Start Menu's Items and Equipment tab, entries can be selected from Items, Ammo/Coatings, Special Equipment, Crafting, Gestures, Shoutouts, Stickers, and Other (Signal, SOS Flare.) Portions of the Radial Menu can be renamed with Options/Menu/Esc. Radial Menu configurations for hunts and home base can be made separately.

Viewing the Item Pouch with associated controls


Viewing the Radial Menu with associated controls

Viewing the Item Bar

Viewing the Ammo/Coatings Bar



The Radial Menu can be used to quickly craft Items from spare materials brought along in the Item Pouch. This allows a Hunter to restock Ammo/Coatings or recovery Items.

When Ammo is crafted or obtained into a completely depleted stock, it is placed at its previous position in the Ammo Bar by default. This can be changed so that newly obtained Ammo and Items are placed at the bottom of their respective Bars. See Start Menu > System > Game Settings.

If one wants to change something that is shared by all of their Item Loadouts, they will have to load and resave each one individually. Making a fully configured Loadout before saving too many variations will help avoid this problem.



Equipment Loadouts

What is Stored?

Equipment Loadouts store the Hunter's Weapon, Armor pieces, CharmSpecialized Tools, along with thier installed Armor Pigments, Decorations, Augments, and Bowgun Modifications, where applicable. The exact Weapon/Armor piece will be stored even with duplicates available in storage. Additionally, Pigments, Decorations, Augments, and Bowgun Modifications will be dynamically reinstalled to a Weapon/Armor Piece whenever it is required by a Loadout. Layered Armor pieces are not stored.

With the addition of Iceborne, a Layered Armor configuration can be saved with each Equipment Loadout. The prompt to save and load Layered Armor configurations appears whenever the associated Equipment Loadout is chosen.

In addition to Hunter Equipment, Loadouts can be created for Palico Equipment and Gadgets. This is done through the Change Palico Equipment Menu accessed by interacting with the Palico in a Campsite Tent, at the Research Base, or in the Hunter's House.


Configuring Equipment Loadouts

While viewing the Change Equipment Menu from the Item Box or Smithy, Armor pieces, Specialized Equipment, a Weapon and a Charm can be chosen from storage.
While viewing Set Decorations from the Item Box or Smithy, Decorations can be chosen from storage or from current installments.
Weapon Augments and Bowgun Modifications can be installed at the Smithy. 

Viewing the Change Equipment menu


Viewing the Set Decorations menu



 Control Schema Loadouts

Control Schema Loadouts can be saved and retrieved individually between Menu Controls, Melee Weapons, and Ranged Weapons. All button/key bindings are saved, including secondary inputs and removed bindings.

Additionally, Control Schema can be changed back to a default configuration from the Controls Menu. On PC, there is an extra configuration available for use with a 5-button mouse.






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