Natural Recovery Up


Boosts the regeneration of recoverable Health

Natural Recovery Up is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). This effect boosts the natural regeneration of recoverable Health, denoted as the red portion of the Health bar.


Natural Recovery Up Effect

Regeneration of recoverable Health is increased - this effect is modified by the Recovery Speed Skill.

This effect does not apply to regeneration granted by the Vaal Hazak Vitality or Nergigante Hunger Skills or the Health Regen Augment. See the Recovery Up Skill instead.

Some sources of this effect stack together, and effect duration varies with source.

Note that natural recovery is stopped by sources of continuous damage such as the Bleeding Status Ailment, extreme heat in the Elder's Recess, and acid pools and effluvium in the Rotten Vale. These can be countered with Items like Astera Jerky and  Cool Drinks or the Heat Guard and Effluvial Expert Skills.


Activating & Stacking Natural Recovery Up


Base natural recovery is 1 Health Point per 1.5 second tick. Sources from Items halve the time between ticks, effectively multiplying ALL recovery by 2. Other sources simply raise HP recovered per tick, with varying effect durations.

Effects are described below in terms of bonus HP per normal 1.5s tick.

In addition to these effects, there is also the Recovery Speed Skill, which simply quarters the current time between ticks, effectively multiplying ALL recovery by 4.



The formula for stacking recovery speed effects is as follows:

(Base Recovery + Horn (S) + Horn (L) + Cheerhorn) * Item Effect * Skill Effect

This means that, in theory, the maximum natural Health recovery possible is:

(1 Base + 2 Horn (S) + 3 Horn (L) + 2 Cheerhorn) * 2 Item * 4 Skill = 64 HP per 1.5s interval


42.666 HP per second


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    • Yes, I made 2 videos about max hp regen in the game (And I made mistake with a song stacking fisrt time so I retested this experm later and concluded that max hp regen is 24hp/sec(sorry for the*****ty quality tho it was my first serious vid)) And yes I made another mistake while editing this page: Recovery speed (S) should be +3hp per tick and Recovery speed (L): +4hp/tick And the formula is (1 x 2 + 3 + 4)/0,375 and not (1 x 2 + 3 +4) x 4 because base tick rate is 1,5 and not 1 so yeah (1 x 2 + 3 + 4)/0,375 = 24hp/sec

      • Can it be confirmed that maximum natural recovery is 24? From the effect stacking information contributed by an anon, it seems like it should be 1/tick base + 1/tick from an Item + 3/tick from Hunting Horn + 3/tick from Cheerhorn * 4 from Recovery Speed Skill = 8/tick * 4 = 32/tick.

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