Noxious Poison



A much more potent and deadly version of the "Poison" status ailment.

Noxious Poison is a Status Effect in Monster Hunter World (MHW). It is a stronger version of mhw-poison-status-effect-sPoison.


Noxious Poison Effect


How to get Noxious Poison

The following monsters can inflict Noxious Poison:


Status Effects
Abnormal Status Attack Increased  ♦  Affinity Up  ♦  All Ailments Negated  ♦  Attack Up  ♦  Blastblight  ♦  Blastscourge  ♦  Bleeding  ♦  Blight Negated  ♦  Defense Down  ♦  Defense Up  ♦  Divine Protection  ♦  Dragon Element Resistance Up  ♦  Dragon Res Boost  ♦  Dragonblight  ♦  Effluvial Buildup  ♦  Elemental Attack Boost  ♦  Evasion Enhanced  ♦  Fire Element Resistance Up  ♦  Fire Res Boost  ♦  Fireblight  ♦  Health Increase  ♦  Ice Element Resistance Up  ♦  Ice Res Boost  ♦  Iceblight  ♦  Knockbacks Negated  ♦  Muck Res  ♦  Natural Recovery Up  ♦  Paralysis  ♦  Paralysis Negated  ♦  Poison  ♦  Recovery Up  ♦  Resistant to Heat  ♦  Self-Improvement  ♦  Sleep  ♦  Stamina Use Reduced  ♦  Stun  ♦  Stun Negated  ♦  Thunder Element Resistance Up  ♦  Thunder Res Boost  ♦  Thunderblight  ♦  Tremor Negation  ♦  Water Element Resistance Up  ♦  Water Res Boost  ♦  Waterblight  ♦  Wind Pressure Negated  ♦  Wind Pressure Nullified  ♦  Zombified Status


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    • Anonymous

      After some visual testing- poison deals 35 damage, noxious poison deals 300 damage. Tested wearing Fatalis armor.

      • Anonymous

        This should be accessible on player weapons, more dmg per tick with a shorter duration. Mhw has a bad habit of introducing nonsensical tomfoolery. In any case freedom unite never made it past the psp so mhw is it for me these days. Mmm dem single joystick memories will live on for eternity. Also where is... my GD hyperbeam boi. Miss that old fella.

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