Plunderblade is a Palico Gadget in Monster Hunter World (MHW) that steals items from monsters, including monster materials


 An invention of the Plunderers that snatches item(s) from monsters when attacking. The quantity of stolen items increases with Proficiency.

Level 5- Palarang

Level 6- On demand Plunderblade

Level 10- On demand Palarang

Level 11- Mount and Plunder

Level 15- On demand Mount and Plunder

How to get Plunderblade

This Palico Gadget is obtained by completing Grimalkyne tribes sidequest in the Rotten Vale.

For this quest, you need to make sure you have a piece of raw meat. Once you have one (which you can get from carving monsters such as the Aptonoth), travel to the central camp, head to area 13, and talk to the Lynian Researcher. You must then wait for an Odogaron to drag a Legiana carcass into the area. (Placing a piece of raw meat will not do anything yet.) Once the Odogaron has dragged the carcass into the area, wait for it to leave and a Grimalkyne will come out. Scare it off and you are then prompted to chase it. Follow the scoutflies into the small cave area. Now, once the Grimalkyne runs away and hides, place a piece of raw meat in the open and hide. Once your palico says it's time to come out, just run up to them and you will receive a cutscene as normal.


Levels and Abilities

  • Plunderblade: The Palico will hit the monster and get a piece of material that will be acquired upon return from the mission or expedition.  The Palico will notify you of a successful retrieval. Higher proficiency gives a quicker cool down and a bigger pool of materials the Palico can acquire. 
  • Palarang: The Palico will throw out the Plunderblade like a boomerang, hitting the monster and making it drop a material, just when a material drops off during a battle.  The Palico will notify you when a material is dropped. The material must be picked up by the player to be acquired. As before, higher proficiency equates to more frequent usage and a wider loot pool.
  • Mount and Plunder: The Palico will leap onto the monster and stay there for a short period of time and make materials drop. These materials will be golden compared to the normal white, and will exclusively been trade-in items to be sold for zenny. Higher proficiency means more drops per use of Mount and Plunder, beginning at two or three and finishing at four items at level 15.



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    • Anonymous

      I used this to get my first fatalis evil eye. Chance is like 1% or somthing, but it happens.
      Seems like the cool down of palarang and on demand palarang are not the same. You can definitely loot at a faster frequency if you give your cat orders. Same for all palico powers/gadgets really.

      • Anonymous

        i wish mount and plunder didn't exist, palico will ignore commands bc it's about to mount the monster. like stop it bro i need the parts

        • Anonymous

          Friendly reminder that your palico has a limit of 4 monster drops PER MONSTER. At this limit the on demand skills will fail and not be consumed. Feel free to run around and tag multiple monsters during a mission for a bit of extra rewards.

          I think an ally's palico counts separately(?) so you might be able to get up to 8 drops in 2 player.

          Mount and plunder suffers diminishing returns with each mount. After 4 or so mounts the monster will no longer have golden drops, yielding around a dozen drops or so.

          • Anonymous

            Seems like RNGjesus prefer my little furball over my player character

            All the mantles and other sub 5% droprate items always end up in those 4 looted Palico items while quest rewards, silver and gold chests and so on gives me nothing of that stuff

            • Anonymous

              Is the mount and plunder move affected by weapon element? Like if I put paralysis on my palico weapon will it apply more?

              • Anonymous

                A great idea I think would be if someone were to list the material that can not be gotten via Plunderblade.

                • Anonymous

                  What I hate about the plunder blade is that for what ever reason it has a limit for only 4 materials per quest anything after that you get plain air it’s kinda stupid I get that it would ridiculous it you can farm unlimited but it just makes the plunder blade less values less than it could’ve it’s still good but yet :|

                  • Anonymous

                    If you are having trouble finding the Lynian researcher:

                    Before you go on an expedition, check in the bottom right and it will tell you which researcher shows up. Sometimes it's the Piscine Researcher, sometimes another. Flip the difficulty up and down until the Lynian Researcher pops up.

                    • Anonymous

                      I have heard a lot of people like the new mount and blunder but I hate it... I tell my palico to harvest some material from that monster that is on the ground and cant get up and it F*ng misses... then my palico decides to do mount and plunder and now I have to wait for that to be over...

                      • Anonymous

                        Who discovered this? I mean who would think of bringing raw meat on a quest, waiting for a corpse to show up, etc? Was it a game developer who knew the sequence and shared it here on the wiki?

                        • Anonymous

                          where do the items retrieved from mount and plunder go although all i seem to get is beautiful scales and what are they used for i do not see in inventory or box

                          • Anonymous

                            Is there a way to make it easier to see dropped materials?? Zeno jiiva is firing its beams at me and here I am running around trying to find the damn thing on the shiny crystal floor!!

                            • Is there a limit as to how many materials your palico can take at the end of a quest? Because I noticed that some were missing in the rewards screen after a 3-4 monster hunt.

                              • Anonymous

                                It seems that Plunderblade is pretty awesome in farming. Palarang.... not so much as I only get the most basic stuff out of it. lIke 50 rathian scales but I need literally any other drop..... or maybe I am unlucky

                                • Anonymous

                                  do we get less materials in the victory screen if we use this? Does it really add extra loot or just steals what we could have get anyway after defeating the monster?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Be advised that as this ranks up, it can make monsters drop slinger ammo, such as the bomb pod and thorn pod. The palico should always say in chat when the monster drops slinger ammo on the right of your screen.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This is the best for me. I took a rathian plate w it. It's not just common drops all the time. Eases up the farming

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Now if only there were a list of plunderable materials on the pages of each monster. I know for a fact you can't steal every material a monster drops by plunderblade alone.

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