Popo Pecking Order

Subject Boaboa
Location Hoarfrost Reach
Rewards 400 pts
Boaboa Ticket x1
First Wyverian Print x1

Popo Pecking Order in Monster Hunter World (MHW) mhw-iceborne-icon-16pxIceborne is an Observation Log. Observation Logs are given by the Lynian Researcher located in Seliana which requires a Hunter to capture different photos for him.


The other day I spotted a Boaboa prancing around on the back of a Popo! Looking back on it now, I suppose it must have been trying to control the Popo somehow... Perhaps they want to use them for transportation?


Popo Pecking Order Information

  • Conditions:
    • Climbed on top of a Popo
    • 1 subject - Not from behind
    • Captured as large as possible

  • Sighting Info:
    • Locale: Area 2 / Area 7
    • Weather: none
    • Time: none


Popo Pecking Order Notes

  • A Boaboa icon with a surveyor icon may appear near Area 2 or 7. Head there to find a few Boaboas on top of rocks or ice surrounding a baby popo. Capture the moment during the cycle where one of the boaboas climbs on top of the popo before sliding off for gold.



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